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What is Hotel Amsterdam?

Located in the center of Huis Ten Bosch
Gorgeous park hotel

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    Inside the theme park
    Only hotel

    The center of Huis Ten Bosch
    1 minute walk to "Amsterdam Square"

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  • ABOUT 02

    Europe in the morning
    Monopolize the cityscape

    The next morning after waking up, you will be surrounded by the morning light. 
    The streets of Europe are yours.

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  • ABOUT 03

    Club lounge

    The "Club Lounge" on the top floor
    A space of special hospitality

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  • ABOUT 04

    All rooms over 45㎡
    5 star hotel

    Powder room etc.
    Fully equipped with women-friendly facilities

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  • ABOUT 05

    4 beds guaranteed

    Recommended for girls' trips. 4 mirrors etc.
    Full facilities for comfortable stays in groups

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  • ABOUT 06


    Proposal, birthday, wedding memorial,
    Have a big anniversary for everyone
    Would you like to spend time at Hotel Amsterdam?

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Hotel Amsterdam
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Guest roomROOM

All rooms are over 45 m2
time spent in a spacious room.

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While looking at the exotic cityscape
Enjoy a special meal.

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WEDDING wedding

The streets of Europe
On the wedding stage for two people

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