The top floor of the hotel is all in one room for guests.
Yuga please spend a blissful moments in and sublime space.

Please feel free to contact the concierge for any inquiries during your stay.



Using local fresh ingredients
A rich breakfast is popular.

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea

After enjoying the park
Hotel Patissier special
Have a relaxing tea time with sweets



Looking back on the memories of the trip
Have a fun night talk.

Club floor guest room example

Twin, double, triple
Area: 45㎡* All rooms are non-smoking

Room layout

Area: 45㎡* All rooms are non-smoking

Room layout

Area: 45㎡* All rooms are non-smoking

Room layout

Club floor superior
Area: 61㎡* All rooms are non-smoking

Room layout

Club floor deluxe twin
Area: 59㎡* All rooms are non-smoking

Room layout

Club floor suite twin
Area: 100㎡* All rooms are non-smoking

Room facilities

  • TV set
  • refrigerator
  • phone
  • Electric kettle
  • Tea cup
  • glass
  • wine glass
  • Ice Pale
  • bottle opener
  • Wine opener
  • Hairdryer
  • closet
  • Washlet
  • Safety box
  • Humidified air purifier
  • Deodorants


  • shampoo
  • rinse
  • Body Soap
  • hand soap
  • toothbrush
  • Cotton swabs
  • cotton
  • Shushu
  • leather
  • Toner
  • Emulsion
  • Face wash
  • cleansing
  • Shower cap
  • Bus form
  • hairbrush
  • Towels
  • pajamas
  • slipper
  • tea
  • coffee

Opening Times 7: 00-22: 00

Available time Check-in 15:00 to check-out 11:00

1 day 4 style (your Renhaku in the club lounge guests are 5 style) snacks and drinks
Notice of change in club lounge business style (PDF)

Breakfast (7:00~10:00)
Refreshment (11: 30-13: 30)
* For consecutive nights (Available only on the middle day of stay. Not available on arrival and departure dates.)
Afternoon tea (14:30〜16:30)
Hors d'oeuvre before dinner (17: 30-19: 30) * Alcohol provided
Nightcap (20: 30-22: 00)
* Alcohol provided
(Beer, sparkling wine, red, white wine, whiskey, brandy)
* Children under junior high school are not allowed time

* Juice, coffee and tea are served at time The content depends on the season.


Baggage delivery service

Huis Ten Bosch guests who stroll around the venue will be able to check their baggage at the "Hotel Baggage Storage" near the Wellcome Gate (immigration). We will carry your checked baggage to the hotel. In addition, baggage after check-out Farewell Gate (departure exit)". (* Delivery time, so please be careful when departing in a hurry)

Hotel Amsterdam
"Night concert"
Free music charge

Subject: Hotel Amsterdam accommodation guests

Transfer between Nagasaki Airport and Hotel Amsterdam
Dedicated free shuttle car (* Advance reservation required)


Free morning edition