Access Forest Villa

When you arrive at Huis Ten Bosch

guests arriving by car (your own car)

Please park your car in the parking lot exclusively for hotel guests (free of charge during your stay).
* If the car is full, we may guide you to a parking lot near you.

guests arriving by JR

It is about a 5-minute walk from JR Huis Ten Bosch Station to enter the park. We also have a convenient hand-push baggage cart for the section. (free)

guests arriving by bus


guests arriving by ship

The high-speed boat arrives at the Marine Terminal, which is the gateway to the sea in Huis Ten Bosch. Marine Terminal exit, head to the right and you will see the wellness center on your left. Forest Villa Front is located in the wellness center.

If you would like to check your baggage, please drop in at the "Hotel Baggage Storage" near the entry point.

Hotel baggage storage (24 hours support)

Transferring luggage to Forest Villa
(If you are coming from Nagasaki Airport by high-speed boat, the arrival gate will be different. Please refer to the following.)


Access Forest Villa

There are several ways to get to the hotel. Please choose the access that suits your plan.

ーーフォレストヴィラ方面 場外バスルート

  • AShuttle bus stop
  • B 変なホテルバス停
  • CForest Villa bus stop
  • DHotel Europe Bus Stop
  • EWatermark Hotel Bus Stop

CanalCanal Cruiser

  • ACanal station "Welcome"
  • B カナルステーション「タワーシティ」

Shuttle bus

You can take the shuttle bus to the hotel from the front of the hotel baggage storage. (30 minute intervals, free)

On foot

Please head to the hotel from the entrance to Huis Ten Bosch.
(About 20 minutes on foot)
* Huis Ten Bosch admission ticket is required.

Canal Cruiser (Canal Ship)


Information on Forest Villa facilities

Hotel front
Cloak (luggage storage)
Dock cloak
Hotel shuttle bus
(Between the hotel and the hotel baggage storage reception)
Restaurant Trottiner