Have a relaxing time with your dog.
We have prepared a special villa where you can stay with your pet.

Dog Villa is the only place where you can stay with your dog. You can also play with your dog in the living room, just like at home. We also have a full range of equipment and goods to support your time with your dog, such as cages and drinking bowls.

Enjoy Huis Ten Bosch with your dog

Dogs can enter the vast park grounds. A stroll through the beautiful parkscape will promise you a different time. Take a leisurely stroll with your dog in the morning and during the day, and have your dog stay at the villa at night. You can enjoy the park in various ways.

Trottiner Morning Terrace Seat Usage Information

When the weather is nice, sit on the terrace outside Trottiner
You can also have breakfast with your dog.
When using, please tell the restaurant staff on the day.


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Staying plan with your dog

"Dog villa" where you can stay with your important family and dog.
Enjoy a resort stay in Huis Ten Bosch with your dog.
The room rate includes room charge, breakfast and accommodation fee for one dog.

Reservation / Inquiry

Huis Ten Bosch General Information Center

What is included in the plan

  • Dog villa 1 night room charge
  • Breakfast (buffet at the restaurant)

* Depending on the date, we may inform you of the use of breakfast venues at other hotels.

  • Accommodation fee for one dog, admission fee for the duration of stay

* A separate fee (2,000 yen per dog) will be charged for the second and subsequent dogs. However, there is a limit to the number of gauges that can be installed in the guest room, so please contact the Huis Ten Bosch General Reservation Center for the maximum number of guests.
* Admission to Huis Ten Bosch is included for dogs only.
For guests, when entering the theme park zone,
Please purchase a ticket for admission separately.


From 16,900 yen per person


  • Private parking is available near Forest Villa.
  • Dog cloakrooms are available before and after check-in and check-out.
  • Various equipment such as cages (toilet sheet set), tableware, dog towels, and deodorant spray are also available in the room.

Please be sure to check before using

Click on the map to open the enlarged map. (PDF: 383KB)

Pet equipment / equipment

  • Dedicated gauge
  • Pet sheets
  • Sterilization / deodorant spray
  • Poop processing bag
  • Towel for dogs
  • Pet litter box
  • Food bowl (large and small)
  • Roller roller
  • Lead hook (outdoor)

Room facilities

  • Safety box
  • Hairdryer
  • Water kettle
  • Mug
  • Shower toilet
  • phone
  • Center table
  • TV set
  • closet
  • Humidified air purifier


  • shampoo
  • leather
  • rinse
  • hairbrush
  • Body Soap
  • toothbrush
  • Bus bubble
  • gown
  • Shower cap
  • Shushu
  • slipper
  • Cotton swabs
  • cotton
  • towel
  • coffee
  • Black tea
  • roasted green tea
  • Sencha

Dog cloak

It is attached to the dog villa.
Please use if you arrive before check-in (3:00 pm) or after check-out (11:00 am).
You can also use it during your stay when you go out for a walk in the indoor facilities (Shops, restaurants, amusements, museums, hotels) or by boarding a vehicle (bus, taxi, ship, bicycle).

※One case
Room size: 77m 2

Requests to customers with pets, and etiquette in the stores
  • It is a condition of accommodation that you fill out the accommodation agreement and submit a copy of the rabies vaccination and proof of vaccination of 5 or more types in advance.
  • Please note that the accommodation reservation will be confirmed after submitting the above documents and receiving our company.
  • Please be careful not to inconvenience other customers such as "discipline" and toilet treatment.
  • Be sure to attach a lead to your dog when you go out with your dog.
    In that case, please be sure to bring a walking bag (poop processing bag, PET bottle) exclusively for guests. Please keep away from carriages and swans.
  • Please prepare your dog's meal by yourself.
  • Please do not leave your dog except in the living room. Also, please do not take your dog to the bedroom on the second floor.
  • When you go out, please put it in the private cage in the room or leave it in the dog cloakroom.
  • Please note that the facility will not be held responsible for any troubles or accidents that may occur within the facility.

Check-in 3:00 pm ~ /
Check out ~ 11:00 am