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Direct flight to Nagasaki Airport! Free shuttle bus information

guests Hotel Europe and Hotel Amsterdam "Club Floor" and "Deluxe Designer Room"

We operate a direct flight "Hotel Europe Hotel Amsterdam Free Shuttle Bus" that connects Nagasaki Airport and Huis Ten Bosch.

Forest Villa accommodation to guests is possible reservation when there is a vacancy on the previous day

Forest Villa accommodation to guests is,
Reservations will only be accepted if there are vacant seats the day before the date of use (0:00 to 18:00).
(The outbound route is limited to the day of check-in, and the return route is limited to the day of check-out.)
You can apply from the Web.
Fee Free (* Reservation required)
How to use Advance online reservation system limited to the day before the date of use (0:00 to 18:00).
* Applications other than the day before are not accepted.
* Cannot be used if the reservation is already full. Please understand.

Click here for reservations from the web>
Departure / arrival place Hotel Europe front, west entrance, Nagasaki Airport bus stop
(The staff at Huis Ten Bosch counter will guide you to the boarding location.)
Remarks If you cannot meet your request, such as when the seats are full, the following Access methods are available for an additional fee.
Click here for Saihi Bus >
Click here for Yasuda Kisen >

Precautions for use

* If you have a reservation and board from Nagasaki Airport, please drop Huis Ten Bosch
※ group tour reservation through the travel company like guests, and your application for group bookings of 10 people or more guests With regard to, your use of the here-only free courtesy car lets me withhold.
After checking the above contents, please be sure to make a reservation in advance if guests
* It may be delayed due to road conditions, so please use it with plenty of time

Operating time: 2020/7 / 1-2020 / 10/24

To Nagasaki Airport

Hotel Europe 7:30 9:00 10:15 11:50 13:20 15:15 18:00
Hotel Amsterdam 7:35 9:05 10:20 11:55 13:25 15:20 18:05
Arrive at Nagasaki Airport 8:30 10:00 11:15 12:50 14:20 16:15 19:00

Hotel Europe

From Nagasaki Airport 10:00 11:30 12:40 13:50 15:30 17:30 20:20
Arrival at Hotel Europe 11:00 12:30 13:40 14:50 16:30 18:30 21:20
Arrive at Hotel Amsterdam 11:05 12:35 13:45 14:55 16:35 18:35 21:25

Operating time: 2020/10 / 25-2021 / 3/30

* Operating time after 2021/3/31 will be posted as soon as they are decided. You can make a reservation after the operating time

To Nagasaki Airport

Hotel Europe 7:35 8:55 9:55 11:50 13:20 14:55 18:20
Hotel Amsterdam 7:40 9:00 10:00 11:55 13:25 15:00 18:25
Arrive at Nagasaki Airport 8:40 10:00 11:00 12:55 14:25 16:00 19:25

Hotel Europe

From Nagasaki Airport 9:55 11:30 12:40 13:50 15:30 17:40 20:25
Arrival at Hotel Europe 10:55 12:30 13:40 14:50 16:30 18:40 21:25
Arrive at Hotel Amsterdam 11:00 12:35 13:45 14:55 16:35 18:45 21:30

* Hotel Europe ・ Hotel Amsterdam Dedicated free shuttle car The use date is limited to the day of check-in and the day of check-out.
* Arrival may be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances such as bad weather and road conditions during consecutive holidays. We recommend booking a flight with plenty of room at time. Please note that we are not responsible for compensation due to delays.
* Please note that the bus to the airport does not operate according to the specified flight.
* Please note that the service will not be operated if there is no reservation by the day before.
* If a vehicle accident or breakdown occurs during transportation, we will prepare a substitute vehicle for us, but please note that we cannot transfer to another means of transportation.
* The arrival times listed are for reference only.
* Please note that the bus departs on time, so if the flight arrives late, you will have to use another means of transportation.
* Even if you have a reservation, we will depart if you cannot come on time.
* If the reservation is full, you cannot board.
* When boarding from Nagasaki Airport, please drop in at the Huis Ten Bosch desk in Nagasaki Airport before departure.
* Time is subject to change.
* Cannot be used with pets.


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