We will change the breakfast serving style to an all-you-can-eat format

guests that customers can enjoy their meals with peace of mind
We will operate in an all-you-can-eat format while strengthening epidemic prevention measures.

Request for cooperation from guests

The following conditions of use have been established to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation in infection prevention so that our guests can enjoy themselves with peace of mind.

  1. We kindly ask for your cooperation in wearing a mask except during meals and thoroughly disinfecting your hands and hands when entering or moving inside the store.
  2. When cooking, please wear disposable sanitary gloves and refrain from talking at the table as much as possible.

Precautions to prevent droplet infection

Secure table spacing

The number of seats in the restaurant is smaller than usual, and the space between each table is widened.

Regular ventilation

We will strengthen regular ventilation.
We also rent out blankets.

When cooking
Social distance

We will serve smoothly so that the table is not crowded.
Guidance poles are also installed as needed.

Information on take-out lunch

Recommended for guests who want to enjoy their favorite dishes at the breakfast venue in their rooms.
* There are some restrictions on what you can bring out.

Precautions to prevent contact infections

Request to wear sanitary gloves

Please use sanitary gloves when cooking.
Also, please refrain from talking as much as possible when you cook.

About tables and chairs

Wipe in one direction.
Make sure there are no leaks to the back of the chair or table.

About seasonings, etc.

We use individually wrapped seasonings.
However, seasonings that cannot be individually wrapped will be disinfected and provided to guests

About the set on the table

We will not put unnecessary things on the table and will prepare new ones every time.

Correspondence at the time of accounting

Accounting is done by table check.

We recommend payment at check-out.
In that case, we will always prepare a disinfected felt-tip pen.

For cash, we will use the cash tray.

Staff education

About hygiene education

In addition to daily hygiene management, BML Food Science Co., Ltd., which has industry-leading know-how in food inspection and consulting, is instructed on epidemic prevention measures for the new coronavirus.