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「Go To トラベルキャンペーン」対象宿泊プランについて

From the following, you can check accommodation plans eligible for Go To Travel, stores that can use "Regional Common Coupons", etc.


Regarding initiatives in line with the participation conditions of our hotel
  1. チェックインに際して直接の対面を避けるなど、感染予防策を講じた上で、同行者を含む宿泊者全員の検温と本人確認を実施します。氏名と居住地が確認できる身分証(運転免許証、パスポート、マイナンバーカード等。お子様は健康保険証、学生証等)をご持参ください。
  2. If you have a fever or symptoms like a cold as a result of a physical condition check, we will conduct an appropriate measures coordinating with public health center.
  3. Each facility admission may be limited to maintain 3Cs base on the crowded levels.
  4. In the buffet style, guests specific tongs and chopsticks to avoid sharing, and separating seats from each other. Thoroughly implement 3 dense measures.
  5. We conduct enhanced cleaning measures throughout the day, which seek to disinfect high-frequency points, such as guestrooms and elevators.

Click here for more information on the Go To Travel Campaign.


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