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Relax safely and securely in the private open-air bath on your own. Hot spring voucher accommodation plan is now available

Charter a "family bath" recommended for use by families and groups! After enjoying the park, relax in the hot springs

An accommodation plan with a voucher for Huis Ten Bosch natural hot springs is now available.
The "Family Bath", which is popular for its elaborate open-air bath is a private type that can be enjoyed not only by family members but also by friends, so you can relax without congestion.

A free shuttle bus runs between the hotel and the hot spring facility, so please use it for transportation.

Huis Ten Bosch Onsen, we are implementing various measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

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plan contents
Hot spring ticket ● You can use the "family bath" for private use.
Please choose from the following time
time: 19: 00 ~, 20: 00 ~
breakfast ●レストラン「トロティネ」にてご朝食をお楽しみください。
1 DAY Park Ticket ●1DAYパスポート付(到着日にご利用頂けるチケット)
Family bath

Elaborate taste open-air bath because it comes with each, guests please use the favorite of the bath. (Cypress bath, pottery bath)

* Regarding use in winter
Because it is a stall bath, it is expected to be quite cold. Please consider carefully when using this guests with children.
Huis Ten Bosch Natural Hot Spring: Notice "About the use family private bath


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