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The body is happy with healthy gastronomy
Natural restaurant

The theme of "Trottiner", which has an open atmosphere with plenty of sunlight, is "healthy & wellness". You can enjoy dishes that use abundant natural ingredients. It is a restaurant where even long-term guests will not get tired of it.

Strengthen epidemic prevention measures,
We have changed the breakfast service style to an all-you-can-eat style.

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breakfast 7:00~10:00(最終入店)
lunch 11:30~14:00(最終入店)
dinner 18:00~20:30

Reservation inquiry TEL: 0570-064-110
You can also make a reservation from the WEB Click here for details

Trottiner Salon Seat Information

Trottiner offers salon seats.
You can spend time with your loved ones.
<Use: Dinner with friends, alumni association, thank-you party, welcome and farewell party, girls-only gathering, etc.>

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[Recommended guests of 30 or more Trottiner Group use / charter plan information

Restaurant Trottiner can also be used as a party venue.
<Use: Dinner on company trip, show party, alumni association, thank-you party, welcome and farewell party, New Year's party, etc.>
We also accept consultations on budgets, number of people, etc. Please feel free to contact us.


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