For the health and safety of our guests and crew, we have adopted enhanced sanitation measures.
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This kind of trip is only for students now.
Enjoy in a group
There was an ideal stay.

* This plan can be used by up to 5 people.



The more people you stay, the cheaper it will be

21,000 yen no matter how many people stay up to 5 people! If you stay with 5 people, you can save 4,200 yen per person. If you stay in a group, it's reasonable and the fun is doubled!


Stay up late without worrying about the neighbors

Cottages type, sound leakage is safe. Play games and chat with friends until late at night. If you suddenly notice it, it's already such a time!


Enjoy all day in the park

There are many seasonal events from August to October. Everyone enjoys playing and relaxing at the hotel at night. Such a great stay.

* A separate passport must be purchased to enter the theme park zone on the first day.


\ If you go from September to October /

Harvest Festival in the Flower Street

Full of charm such as food festivals and night walks!

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Two-storey Cottages

A maisonette-type layout with a living room on the first floor and two separate bedrooms on the second floor. Yuga resort life as if you were in a villa.

Privacy is also safe

The two bedrooms on the second floor each have a washroom and a closet to ensure privacy.

* This plan can be used by up to 5 people.

\ Now you can get a great deal! /