Terms and Conditions
for Accommodation Contracts

Scope of Application

Article 1

1.Contracts for accommodation and related agreements to be entered into between this Hotel and the Guest to be accommodated shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions. Any particulars not provided herein shall be governed by laws and regulations and/or generally accepted practices.

Application for Accommodation Contract

Article 2

A Guest who intends to make an application for an Accommodation Contract with the Hotel shall notify the Hotel of the following particulars:

Conclusion of Accommodation Contracts, etc.

Article 3

1.A Contract for Accommodation shall be deemed to have been concluded when the Hotel has duly accepted the application as stipulated in the preceding Article. However, the same shall not apply where it has been proved that the Hotel has not accepted the application.

Special Contracts Requiring No Accommodation Deposit

Article 4

1.Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph 2 of the preceding Article, the Hotel may enter into a special contract requiring no accommodation deposit after the Contract has been concluded as stipulated in the same Paragraph.

Refusal of Accommodation Contracts

Article 5

The Hotel may not accept the conclusion of an Accommodation Contract under any of the following circumstances:

Right to Cancel Accommodation Contracts by the Guest

Article 6

1.The Guest is entitled to cancel the Accommodation Contract by notifying the Hotel.

Right to Cancel Accommodation Contract by the Hotel

Article 7

1.The Hotel may cancel the Accommodation Contract under any of the following circumstances:


Article 8

1.The Guest shall register the following particulars at the Front Desk of the Hotel on the day of accommodation:

Occupancy Hours of Guest Rooms

Article 9

1.The Guest is entitled to occupy the contracted guest room of the Hotel from 3:00 p.m. on the day of arrival to 11:00 before noon on the day of departure. However, in the case when the Guest is accommodated continuously, the Guest may occupy the guest room all day, except for the days of arrival and departure.

Observance of Hotel Regulations

Article 10

The Guest shall observe the Hotel Regulations established by the Hotel. Hotel Regulations are posted within the premises of the Hotel.

Business Hours

Article 11

1.The business hours of the Hotel main facilities shall be notified in detail by brochures as provided, notices displayed in various places, the Service Directory in guest rooms and other means.

Payment of Accommodation Charges

Article 12

1.The breakdown of accommodation charges, etc. that the Guest shall pay is as listed in the attached Table No. 1.

Liabilities of the Hotel

Article 13

1.The Hotel shall compensate the Guest for damage if the Hotel has caused such damage to the Guest in the fulfillment or the non-fulfillment of the Accommodation Contract and/or related agreements. However, the same shall not apply in cases where such damage has been caused due to reasons for which the Hotel is not liable.

Handling when Unable to Provide Contracted Rooms

Article 14

1.The Hotel shall, when unable to provide contracted rooms, arrange accommodation of the same standard elsewhere for the Guest insofar as practicable with the consent of the Guest.

Handling of Deposited Articles

Article 15

1.The hotel shall be exempt from compensation for damages when loss, breakage or other damage is caused to goods, cash or valuables deposited at the Front Desk by the Guest when this has occurred due to causes of force majeure.

Custody of Baggage and/or Belongings of Guest

Article 16

1.When the baggage of the Guest is brought into the Hotel before his/her arrival, the Hotel shall be liable to store it only in the case when such a request has been accepted from the Hotel. The baggage shall be handed over to the Guest at the Front Desk at the time of his/her check-in.

Liability in Regard to Parking

Article 17

The Hotel shall not be liable for the custody of the vehicle of the Guest when the Guest utilizes the parking lot within the premises of the Hotel, as it shall be regarded that the Hotel simply offers the space for parking, whether the key of the vehicle has been deposited to the Hotel or not. However, the Hotel shall compensate the Guest for damage caused through intent or negligence on the part of the Hotel in regards to the management of the parking lot.

Liability of the Guest

Article 18

The Guest shall compensate the Hotel for damage caused through intent or negligence on part of the Guest.

Handling of Personal Information

Article 19

The Hotel will use the personal information registered in Article 8 with the protection measures of the following purpose of use.

Guests who do not wish to be used with the above purpose shall inform the hotel, and will stop from that.

Personal Information Disclosure, Correction, Deletion

Article 20

Guests can request the Hotel to disclose personal information about them. For disclosure of personal information, please request by mail to the address below.

〒859-3293  Huis Ten Bosch Cho 7-7, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Huis Ten Bosch Co., Ltd
Attach Huis Ten Bosch Hotels
Tel : 0956-58-1111

※When requesting disclosure, etc, We may be required to confirm your identity in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law.

Admission Ticket of Huis Ten Bosch

Article 21

1.The hotel is located in Huis Ten Bosch. When entering the fee based zone of Huis Ten Bosch, it is necessary to purchase admission tickets separately.

Attached Table No.1: Calculation Method for Accommodation Charges
((Ref. Paragraph 1 of Article 2, Paragraph 1 of Article 12))

●Total amount to be paid by the Guest

Total amount to be paid by the Guest Accommodation Charges
  • (1) Accommodation charges(Room Charge)
  • (2) Service Charges〔(1)×10%〕
Meal Charges
  • (3) Meals, Drinks and other expenses
  • (4) Service Charges〔(3)×10%〕
  • (5) Telephone・Telegram
  • (6) Laundry Charges
  • (7) Massage or any other incidental expenses

Attached Table No. 2 Penalty charges
(Relating to Article 6 paragraph 2)


1〜9pax No Show
Arrival day
1Day before
2days before
3days〜7days before
8days〜14days before


10〜99pax No Show
Arrival day
1Day before
2days〜7days before
8days〜14days before
15days〜20days before
100〜999pax No Show
Arrival day
1Day before
2days〜7days before
8days〜14days before
15days〜20days before