[Japanese Cuisine Kissuitei]
"Sushi buffet" is now being held!

A "Sushi Buffet" is held every month, exclusively for lunch.
Please enjoy to your heart's content not only sushi made with carefully selected fresh local Nagasaki fish, but also local fish dishes, seasonal tempura, sweets, and more.

Sushi buffet

We offer 10% off for Annual Pass members.
Date April 11, 2024, April 29 (National Holiday), May 9, and May 23
*We will provide an order buffet style meal.
Time 11:30-14:30 (Last entry 13:30-14:30) *There is a time limit of 60 minutes
Price Adults (junior high school students and above): ¥5,000 Child (elementary school students): ¥3,100
Infant (age 4 to preschool): ¥1,800
Content Various types of sushi (about 20 types), seasonal tempura, local fish dishes, chawanmushi, soup stock, red soup stock, soup, sweetness, etc.

ホテルヨーロッパ内 日本料理「吉翠亭」