[Japanese Cuisine Kissuitei]
"Sushi buffet" is now being held!

At Japanese Cuisine "Kissuitei", "Sushi Buffet" is held every month on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month.
Enjoy sushi made with carefully selected local Nagasaki fresh fish, as well as local fish dishes, seasonal tempura, and three types of sweetness to your heart's content.

Sushi buffet

Date 2022年 7月14日・28日 ※当面の間は新型コロナウイルス感染予防の為、オーダーブッフェ形式でのご提供とさせていただきます。
Time 11:30~14:30 ( 最終入店 13:30  14:30閉店 ) ※60分の時間制限がございます
Price Adults (junior high school students and above): 4,400 yen Child: 2,700 yen Infants: 1,600 yen
※Including tax and service charge
Content Various types of sushi (about 20 types), seasonal tempura, local fish dishes, chawanmushi, soup stock, red soup stock, soup, sweetness, etc.

ホテルヨーロッパ内 日本料理「吉翠亭」