Accommodation special privilege

Direct flight to Nagasaki Airport! Free shuttle bus information

Who eligible? Hotel Europe guests
Price free
How to use Advance Web reservation system until 18:00 the day before (member registration is required)
* First-come-first-served basis. It will be closed as soon as it becomes capacity
* When using from Nagasaki Airport, please make a reservation for flights 30 minutes after arrival at the airport.

Click here to make a reservation from the web>
Departure / arrival place 長崎空港から:空港バス乗り場

Precautions for use (please be sure to check)

  • When using from Nagasaki Airport, please drop in at the Huis Ten Bosch desk in the airport at least 10 minutes in advance.
  • The bus will depart on time even if there is a delay in the flight. Please note that you will be using other means of transportation.
  • Arrival may be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances such as weather and road conditions. Please note that we are not responsible for any delays.
  • Flights that are not reserved by 18:00 the day before will be canceled.
  • In the event of a vehicle accident or breakdown, we will prepare a replacement vehicle for us. Please note that we cannot transfer to other means of transportation.
  • Operating time are subject to change depending on the season.
  • Please refrain from using this guests guests book group tours through travel agencies or for groups of 10 or more people.
  • Not allowed with pets.
  • Please note that buses to the airport are not operated according to the specified flight.
  • Operating times are subject to change.
  • Only when there is a vacancy on the previous day, Watermark Hotel Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch accommodation guests available upon reservation. If you make a reservation, we will stop in front of the Watermark Hotel.
  • If you cannot meet your request, such as when the seats are full, the following Access methods are available for an additional fee.
    Click here for Saihi Bus >
    Click here for Yasuda Kisen >

Operating time


To Nagasaki Airport
Hotel Amsterdam 7:15 8:35 10:00  11:35 13:00 14:45 18:00
Hotel Europe 7:20 8:40 10:05  11:40 13:05 14:50 18:05
Arrive at Nagasaki Airport 8:25 9:45 11:10  12:45 14:10 15:55 19:10
Hotel Europe
From Nagasaki Airport  10:05 11:05 12:10 13:30 15:30  17:40 19:50
Arrival at Hotel Europe  11:10 12:10 13:15 14:35 16:35  18:45 20:55
Arrive at Hotel Amsterdam  11:15 12:15 13:20 14:40 16:40  18:50 21:00

* Operating time after 2022/10/30 will be posted as soon as they are decided. You can make a reservation after the operating time are posted.