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About accommodation reservation

Q I would like to make a reservation for a hotel in Huis Ten Bosch.

You can check the reservation and availability on the Internet.
Hotel Europe Reservation / Vacancy外部リンク

In addition, we also guests various proposals by phone according to the customer's request.
Huis Ten Bosch General Reservation Center / TEL: 0570-064-300

Q Please tell me about sleeping with your child.



Q I would like to send my luggage to the hotel in advance.

We accept orders from one week before your stay. Please specify the date of stay and send it to the address below with guests

7-7 Huis Ten Bosch Town, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture 859-3293
" Hotel Europe" front notice

Q When can I make a hotel reservation?

As a general rule, we will start from 9:00 am one year ago. (Excluding special days.)
Huis Ten Bosch General Reservation Center / TEL: 0570-064-300

Q When do you pay?

Accommodation charges are prepaid, such as credit card payment, convenience store payment, and bank transfer.
In addition, you can pay for the use of facilities during your stay at check-out.

About room facilities

Q Is there a smoking room?

All rooms at Hotel Europe are non-smoking rooms.
When smoking, please use the designated smoking space.

Q Do you have a double room?

There is. Even if you make a reservation for a twin room, we will change it if there is a vacancy, so please contact us.

Q Do you have a single room?

We do not have single rooms, so we accept reservations for single use in twin or double rooms.

Q Is there a barrier-free room?

There is no completely barrier-free room.
There is one room on the first floor with double doors on the toilet door. Toilets for the disabled are located in the lobby on the 1st floor.

Q Can I use the internet in my room?

Free Wi-Fi connection (Wi-Fi) service is available in all rooms, lobby and restaurant.

Q What are the amenities in the guest room?

Nightwear, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothbrush, comb, leather (shaver), bath towel, face towel, ladies' kit (cotton, cotton swab, scrunchie), slippers, hair dryer, etc. are provided in each hotel room. We are doing it.

Q Do you have pajamas for children?

Only 120 cm size is available, but pajamas are available. Please let us know when you make a reservation.

Q Do you have toothbrushes and slippers for children?

We have prepared it. Please let us know when you make a reservation.

Check-in / check-out

Q What time is check-in and check-out?

Basic check-in is from 15:00 and check-out is until 11:00.
* Excludes plans with specified check-in / check-out time

Q How do I get from Huis Ten Bosch Wellcome Gate (immigration) to the hotel?

Huis Ten Bosch Wellcome Gate (entry), a shuttle bus runs outside the Huis Ten Bosch area from the "Hotel Baggage Storage" and goes to the hotel. guests with an admission ticket can also enter the Huis Ten Bosch
In addition, as a check-in / check-out cruiser, you can board the Canal Cruiser Hotel Europe" and "Welcome Gate" free of charge. time required: 17 minutes
* Huis Ten Bosch admission fee is required.

Q Huis Ten Bosch Opening Times, can I check in at the hotel?

Of course, it's okay, so don't worry. Opening Times, please come to the "Hotel Baggage Storage" in front of the Huis Ten Bosch
Please contact the hotel front desk by telephone directly from the hotel located in the hotel baggage storage area.
After contacting us, we will pick you up in the hotel vehicle and guide you to the hotel.

Q I have made a reservation with an accommodation plan with an Park Ticket Huis Ten Bosch. Can I get Park Ticket

Huis Ten Bosch Welcome Gate (immigration) ticket office and at the "Harbor Gate" next to Hotel Europe. Please provide the name of the accommodation representative.
※ Special Privilege if you book with accommodation offer dated, Special Privilege tickets will give you at the front of each hotel. If you wish to use the service before check-in, please drop in at the front desk in advance.

Q Do guests need an Park Ticket Huis Ten Bosch

Hotel Europe is located at Harbor Town (the port town leading to the palace), so it is not necessary, but it is necessary when entering the paid zone.

Q Do I have to buy an Park Ticket Huis Ten Bosch


About hotel service

Q Can I leave my luggage until check-in?

Luggage can be stored at the Huis Ten Bosch Wellcome Gate (immigration) or at the "Hotel Reception" at the Marine Terminal
* Please note that it may take some time (Luggage stored in the morning time.) In addition, luggage will be stored from the entrance start time Huis Ten Bosch We also accept storage at each hotel cloakroom.
On your way back, if you leave Hotel Europe Bell Desk by 11:00, you can pick it up from 12:30 at the entrance "Hotel Baggage Storage". Please check at the front desk for details.

Q Since my companion is on my birthday, can I make some surprise arrangements?

ご料金の目安:花束3,300円〜、ケーキ(生クリーム・チョコ)12㎝ 2,800円〜、フルーツ3,600円〜

Q Can I send souvenirs and other luggage I bought in Huis Ten Bosch together to my home?

Of course it is possible. A courier counter will be opened in the front lobby from 8:30 to 11:30, so please use it. Takkyubin boxes are also available for a fee.

Q Please tell me the contents of breakfast.


Q Is there a coin laundry?

Huis Ten Bosch.

■ Location / Next to the Game Museum Harbor Town
About 3 minutes walk from Hotel Europe
■ Opening Times / 8: 00-23: 30
■ Fee / Washing machine (31 minutes) 400 yen, Dryer (30 minutes) 100 yen

Q Do you have a laundry service?

There is (charged). Please contact us for more information.

About guest-only parking lot

Q Is there a parking lot exclusively for guests?

Free guest parking is available from check-in date to check-out date.
* If the car is full, we may guide you to a parking lot near you.
* Please present your parking ticket at the front desk of the hotel at check-in. We will do free processing.
Please present your receipt to the hotel front desk when using the pre-paid Huis Ten Bosch car parking lot. We will refund the parking fee.

Q Can I use the parking lot even if I arrive late?

If you arrive at the hotel parking lot at night, the entrance is locked, but please call the staff at the intercom at the entrance.

Q Is there a parking space for people with disabilities?

Huis Ten Bosch Welcome Gate (Immigration) There are several cars closest to the "Hotel Baggage Storage". As the number is limited, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please use the general guest parking lot when the car is full.

ハウステンボス総合案内ナビダイヤル / TEL:0570-064-110