De Admiraal

A French restaurant with a profound feeling and elegance


店休日 毎週 火曜日

Hotel Europe 's main dining with the name "Admiraal"

The table on the herringbone floor has a sparkling silver cutlery and wine glasses. De Admiraal is a full-fledged French restaurant with a profound interior. We offer dishes that make the most of the characteristics of seasonal ingredients.

■ Dress code
For men, please be sure to wear a jacket during the dinner section. Also, rubber sandals, slippers, beach sandals, and men's shorts (half pants) are not allowed.
(Jacket is not necessary from July to September)

■ Preschoolers (under elementary school age) may not be able to use the restaurant during lunch and dinner time depending on the restaurant reservation status. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Lunch 11:30 -14:00
Dinner 17:30 - 20:30

Reservation inquiry



French cuisine with plenty of local ingredients

In any dish, the quality of the ingredients determines the taste. French cuisine made in Kyushu, which makes the best use of seasonal ingredients, and comfortable service promise to make an unforgettable experience for your trip.

Wine that produces a blissful mariage

The sommelier selects the best wine for the course meal. From the finest wines that no one knows to small producers, De Admiraal's diverse list offers a wine and culinary mariage.

We may run out of stock or change the rate.
* If you wish to put it on hold, please let us know at the time of booking.
Mariage of the finest French and the finest music

Classical music is performed at lunchtime and dinnertime. The solid floor surrounded by beautiful melodies and the finest French mariage create the most elegant time.

安永 和生(やすなが かずお)【デ・アドミラル料理長】

1976.9.26 佐賀県出身
平成22年 ホテルヨーロッパ レンブラントホール料理長
平成26年 ホテルヨーロッパ デ・アドミラル 料理長
県内調理師学校 非常勤講師


Information on De Admiraal "Travel with Food Europe"

Due to the recent coronavirus infection, it is difficult to travel abroad, so we would like you to experience the feeling of traveling through food under the title of "Travel with Food Europe".
We will decide the theme every month and hold a fair of European regional cuisine and local cuisine.

■ Held on the 1st Saturday and the 3rd Sunday of each month
■ 11: 30~14: 00 (Reservation available at the time you prefer)

Discerning wine & plate

At the hotel restaurant, you can enjoy carefully selected sommelier wines along with seasonal dishes.

仔羊背肉の炭火焼き オリーブ風味のそのジュ 夏野菜のクスクス バジルの香りを添えて

オート コート ド ボーヌ(ロブレ モノ) 2017 12,000円


Fee アラカルト 5,400円
プレリュードコース 11,000円
Sales time 17:30~21:00




【期間限定】フラワーワゴンデセール 5/8~7/9



Fee 1,500円
Sales time 11:30~14:00

【期間限定】 フラワーカクテル 5/8~7/9



Fee シャンパンカクテル 2,100円
ノンアルコール 1,200円

Information on De Admiraal Takeaway Lunchbox

From Hotel Europe 's proud main dining "De Admiraal"
We have prepared a take-away lunchbox that you can feel free to enjoy the taste of the hotel.
Please enjoy a variety of dishes unique to French cuisine prepared by the chef.

■ Limited 20 pieces per day
■ Reservation only up to 5 days before the pick up day

Special privilege of restaurant use for day-trippers

  • [Harbor Town admission fee due to fireworks, etc.] Guests who have paid the harbor zone admission fee and used this store will be refunded the harbor zone admission fee at the time of payment. * Excluding 31 Dec.
  • Harbor Town of use in the (harbor of the town continued to the palace) a day guests only, has a private parking (free) are available. Please be sure to mention the car number when making a reservation, as you will need to make a reservation for the restaurant in advance.

* Please kindly note that the number of parking spaces is limited.
Click here for the location of the private parking lot