Anchors lounge

An open tea lounge surrounded by flowers and music overlooking the canal

Strengthen epidemic prevention measures,
We have changed the breakfast service style to an all-you-can-eat style.
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Afternoon tea in an open space

When you arrive at the main lobby of Hotel Europe, you will see the Anchors Lounge in front of you. From the large window cut out toward the inland sea, you can see the cruiser entering the pontoon boat and the swan heading to Yuga on the surface of the water. This is the main lounge filled with the essence of Hotel Europe.


10:00 --19:00

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time surrounded by music

The Anchors Lounge offers classical music during tea and nighttime. A beautiful melody wraps time to enjoy afternoon tea and champagne.

Breakfast information

You can enjoy freshly made "chef's special omelet", abundant ham and freshly baked bread Japanese food in a buffet style under epidemic prevention measures. Yuga breakfast in the open lounge overlooking the inland sea.

guests can enjoy themselves with peace of mind, and changed the breakfast serving style to a buffet style.
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■ time 7: 00-10: 00
■ Fee 3,520 yen (tax included, service charge included)

* It will be 3,500 yen from April 1st. (Including tax and service charge)

Special privilege of restaurant use for day-trippers

  • [Fireworks held date, etc. Harbor Town is not the Harbor zone admission fee for paid admission] to pay, were not in use here of the store guests will be refunded the harbor zone admission fee at the time of settlement.
  • Harbor Town of use in the (harbor of the town continued to the palace) a day guests only, has a private parking (free) are available. Please be sure to mention the car number when making a reservation, as you will need to make a reservation for the restaurant in advance.

* Please kindly note that the number of parking spaces is limited.
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Anchors Lounge Shop

Shop we have original products of Hotel Patissier, popular products in Huis Ten Bosch, limited-time products, etc., and we have products that are perfect for home use and souvenirs. There is also a wine cellar in the store, and wines carefully selected by the hotel sommelier are also available.

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