An open tea lounge surrounded by flowers and music overlooking the canal



You can enjoy the freshly made "chef's special omelet", "freshly baked bread" and "local fish making" in a buffet style under epidemic prevention measures.

Enjoy an Yuga breakfast in the open lounge overlooking the inland sea.

Price Adult 3,500 yen

Child (4 years old to elementary school students) 1,750 yen
* The displayed amount includes consumption tax and 10% service charge.
Offer time 7:00-10:00

Commitment points ① Original omelet that you can choose from 20 kinds of abundant ingredients

Chef guests will make your omelet in front of the eyes.

We have more than 20 kinds of abundant ingredients. Please choose a topping and enjoy guests own original omelet.

<Topping menu>

・ Cheese ・ Karasumi powder ・ Ham

・ Jako ・ Bacon ・ Chicken char siu

・ Tuna ・ Olive ・ Tomato

・ Paprika, pickled shibazuke, truffle zest, etc.

* Subject to change depending on availability. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

Commitment point ② Local fish sashimi

Nagasaki Prefecture is also highly regarded as a land where fish are delicious.

Please enjoy the fresh sashimi such as "sea bream", "isagi", "sea bream" and "octopus" from the sea near Nagasaki.

* Please note that the contents of the sashimi may change depending on the time and availability.

Sticking point ③ Shabu-shabu of Nagasaki Wagyu beef

You can enjoy high quality local Nagasaki meat with shabu-shabu.

We also have "Gomadare", "Ponzu", "Grated Momiji", etc., so please enjoy them as you like.

④ Hotel Europe original sparkling wine

How about an eye opener who wakes up from the morning?

Hotel Europe 's original sparkling wine will create a wonderful morning.

A sparkling wine made from 100% Chardonnay with an aromatic and gorgeous fruitiness.

It is also sold at the Anchors Lounge Shop, so please take it as a souvenir.

Discerning point ⑤ Non-alcoholic sparkling wine

For those who are not good at alcohol, we are preparing non-alcoholic sparkling wine to wake you up.

It is a non-alcoholic sparkling wine supervised by "Bernard Magrez", which owns the rated chateau "Chateau Pape Clement" in the Bordeaux Grave area.

It is a bottle that perfectly expresses the delicate taste so that it can be mistaken for a real wine.

朝食メニュー ※季節、入荷状況により変更となる場合がございます。



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