Supreme Japanese cuisine that colors the four seasons

●店休日 毎週月曜・水曜日

●ランチは金・土・日・祝日のみ営業 (祝日も店休とさせていただく場合がございます。)


日本料理 吉翠亭  テイクアウト商品のご案内



Japanese Cuisine Chef Takaki Matsumoto Received the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award for the 3rd year of Reiwa


Chef Takaki Matsumoto (Matsumoto Kouki)

Born in Kagoshima prefecture in 1968. Entered the path of Japanese cuisine at a long-established restaurant in Kyoto, then trained at a culinary inn, restaurant / hotel, etc., and served as chef. In 2007, joined Huis Ten Bosch to prepare for the opening of Kissuitei. Active as a chef. In 2009, he was also in charge of dining for His Royal Highness. Received the Nagasaki Governor's Award in 2014. Received the Nagasaki Meister in 2021. Related article: "Pick Up Hito, Takaki Matsumoto"

Encounter with the characteristics of the material and skillful skill colors the tabletop

Kissuitei offers authentic Japanese cuisine of Nagasaki's rich seafood and seasonal mountain food. Huis Ten Bosch, it is modern and eclectic everywhere.

During the year-end and New Year holidays, GW, Obon, etc., the contents and prices may change due to the special menu.


Morning 7:00 -10:00
Lunch  11:30 - 13:30(ラストオーダー) 
Dinner  17:30 - 20:00(ラストオーダー)
※2023年11月10日~2024年6月30日(日)のDinnerは17:00 OPEN

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・1~7名 前日17時以降 100%
・8名以上 3日前~前日17時まで 50%
前日17時以降 100%

~ Celebration party on an important sunny day ~

We will prepare your own space for dinner on your big day.
* Japanese private room and Western private room are available.
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Special privilege of restaurant use for day-trippers

  • [Fireworks held date, etc. Harbor Town is not the Harbor zone admission fee for paid admission] to pay, were not in use here of the store guests will be refunded the harbor zone admission fee at the time of settlement.
  • ハーバータウン(宮殿へつづく港のまち)内を日帰りでご利用のお客様に限り、専用駐車場(無料)をご用意しております。  事前にレストランの予約が必要となりますので、ご予約の際にお車のナンバーを必ずお申し付けください。

* Please kindly note that the number of parking spaces is limited.
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