Night menu

Supreme Japanese cuisine that colors the four seasons


店休日 毎週 月曜日
●ディナー営業終了時間 20:30(LO)20:30


* The contents are subject to change depending on the purchase status of ingredients.

Hana Kaiseki

前菜 椀物 造り 強肴 焼物 蓋物 御飯物 甘味


Aya Kaiseki

前菜 椀物 造り 焼物 強肴 蓋物 御飯物 甘味


Steak Kaiseki

Appetizer Bowl Monozukuri Local fish Poire Wagyu steak (abalone steak) Rice sweetness


Steak Kaiseki (Spiny lobster)

Appetizer Bowl sashimi Ise lobster poire Wagyu steak (abalone steak) Rice sweetness



Caudal fin mouth take hot water, sashimi, steamed food, fried food, simmered food, rice food, water confectionery, soup powder



御祝い肴 御椀物 御造り 御家喜物 御揚げ物 御多喜合わせ 御飯物 御甘味


Kaiseki Kaiseki

先付け 椀物代わり 八寸 造り 焼き物 揚げ物 炊き合わせ 御飯物 甘味

*Reservation required


Wagyu shabu-shabu kaiseki

Appetizer hot pot (beef, vegetables, Goto udon) Rice sweetness



Sukiyaki Kaiseki

Appetizer Sukiyaki (beef / vegetables) Rice sweetness

* From 2 people
* Not available during Golden Week, Obon, and New Year holidays


Children's lunch

Kissuitei special children's bento such as fresh fish chirashizushi, fried shrimp, and Japanese beef hamburger steak.
Dessert with ice cream.
* Limited to children up to elementary school.


Other menu

* Beverages may run out of stock or the price may change.
If you have a request for reserve, please let us know at the time of booking.

* WEB reservation exclusion date: 8 / 13-16, 22