Other Special Privilege


Special Privilege range from private airport transfers to morning sparkling wine.

Guest-only service

Next day 1 DAY Park Ticket (re-entry passport) present


Early morning admission from 1 time Huis Ten Bosch

Hotel Europe accommodation to guests is generally of guests is quiet before the admission Huis Ten Bosch will enjoy the streets of.
* Please present the admission ticket valid on the day and proof of your stay at Hotel Europe

Operates a cruise exclusively for Hotel Europe guests

Special cruise service only for Hotel Europe guests. Tour Huis Ten Bosch.

Hotel Europe guest-only cruise

time 14:00
course One lap in the canal (about 20 minutes)
Capacity 46 people (first-come-first-served basis)
Departure / arrival place Hotel Europe Pontoon (pier)
Fee Free (only for Hotel Europe guests)
Reservation Available at Hotel Europe Front desk.

guests who do not have an admission ticket can also use it.
* The flight may be canceled in case of stormy weather.
* Since each seat is for 3 people, it may be shared.
* Departure time are subject to change without notice.

Transportation / delivery service

Airport bus

Hotel Europe Airport Bus, which connects Nagasaki Airport and Hotel Europe
Hotel Europe accommodation to guests, the "Hotel Europe offers a Airport Bus" for free.

Know more

Guest-only parking lot

Huis Ten Bosch We have a free parking lot for hotel guests near the Wellcome Gate (entry).
If the car is full, we may guide you to a parking lot near you. Please note.

Shuttle bus

You can use the private bus departing from the hotel baggage storage.
* The number of trains varies depending on the season.

Luggage delivery service

After arriving at Huis Ten Bosch guests who stroll around the venue will pick up their luggage at the "Hotel Baggage Storage" near the Wellcome Gate (immigration). We will carry your luggage to the hotel.
In addition, we also provide a delivery service from the hotel to the "Hotel Baggage Storage" after checking out.
The parcel of the delivery service will be one per person.

Souvenir delivery service

(受付 17:00まで/お引き渡し時間 20:00)

In-hotel service

Morning sparkling wine service

We are preparing as an eye opener so that you can celebrate and enjoy the beginning of the day.
* Provided at breakfast venues except Kissuitei

Morning newspaper room delivery service

* Excluding holidays

Breakfast available

With a breakfast voucher, you can use the breakfast at Forest Villa Hotel Amsterdam (*). (* Admission ticket required separately)

Room service

We have a special menu for room service.

About room service

Services for children

● Free sleep plan
Free sleep for up to 2 people when using 2 to 3 adults (up to elementary school students)
However, additional payment will be required for food and drinks.

● Preparation of room supplies for children
Children's gown (120 cm), slippers, toothbrush, bed guard, baby bed
* There is a limit to the quantity of rental items.

Rental goods

We have prepared various rental goods for you to spend more comfortably during your stay.
・ Pillow (soba husk, memory foam, cool stone, danropiro, etc.)
・ Humidifier, dehumidifier, air purifier
・ Cosmetics (cleansing, face washing, lotion, milky lotion)
・ Walking shoes
・ Opera glasses, etc.
* Please contact us when you apply for a reservation. Please contact the room clerk on the day of your stay.
* The number of rental items is limited. Please note that if you are already renting out.

Original selection

Hotel Europe room China is sold exclusively to guests
Teapot, teacup & saucer, teacup & saucer, teapack tray, soap dish
* Sold (reception / receipt) only during your stay.

Services in the park

Rental Cycle

Rental Cycle exclusively for hotel guests. We offer regular courses and overnight courses.
* There are also bicycles for parents and children and children.
■ Location
Harbor Town (Port Town leading to the palace) Fiets Minatomachi Store
■ time
○ All day rental 10: 00-17: 00
○ Overnight rental 17: 30-next morning 10:00
(Lending between 17:30 and 18:00, returning the next day between 9:30 and 10:00)
■ Fee
* Advance reservations are required for hotel guest-only plans.
* Except for one-seater bicycles, please be sure to ride with a person over 18 years old.

Morning bargain

Every Saturday, Sunday and Monday, it is open for 1 time from 1 time before the park opens.
Original goods will be presented for purchases of 3,000 yen or more per account.
In addition, if you purchase 10,000 yen or more, we will deliver it at half the shipping fee.
■ Location
Harbor Town (a port town Sea Breeze

* Click here for detailed dates and times.