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Impressive New Year's Eve
Have a higher-grade New Year

Set in a city just like Europe, it is crowded with various events and shows
Huis Ten Bosch largest theme park in Japan.
Why don't you spend New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve at a Official hotel this year?

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Plan period
December 30, 2023 to January 2, 2024

Spend time in Huis Ten Bosch
The charm of the year-end and New Year holidays

recreation in a cityscape that faithfully reproduces 17th century Europe makes you feel like you are traveling abroad.

A view only available at night with one of the world's largest illuminations. During this period, "Kingdom of Lights", “Silvery-White Wonderland” will provide you with a fantastic night view.

Official Hotels started's restaurant, the hall is about 50 things restaurant. Enjoy the special gastronomy.

Heal the tiredness of the year at the attached natural hot spring and enjoy the new year with a new feeling. A free shuttle bus runs from the front of the hotel, so you can move safely.

On New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, professionals from Japan and overseas, including exclusive opera companies and overseas musicians, will perform a variety of shows.

We offer intellectual enjoyment that touches art, such as a museum that collects rare items from each country and a museum that holds seasonal exhibitions.

Huis Ten Bosch Premium Hotel.
Flowers, music and the best cuisine for you.

Hotel Europe

Room example

Gorgeous interior reminiscent of a 19th century Dutch mansion

Huis Ten Bosch finest hotel with the sea in the garden

You can choose breakfast from Japanese and Western to your liking!

Year-end and New Year plan (with breakfast)

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All rooms over 45㎡
The only hotel inside the park.

Hotel Amsterdam

The city square spreads out in front of the only hotel in the park!

Room example

The room is spacious and guaranteed to be over 45㎡! Enjoy a relaxing hotel life in a spacious space

Energy charge with breakfast using mainly Nagasaki ingredients!

Year-end and New Year plan (with breakfast)

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A villa-like Cottages
Embraced by forests and lakes.

Forest Villa

Two separate bedrooms! Comfortable stay for 3 generations and groups

Feel like a villa Cottages surrounded by forests and lakes

Healthy and wellness with meals that use plenty of local ingredients in the morning

You can only stay with your dog in the hall

Dog villawith breakfast

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Hotel Europe
De Admiraal

A full-fledged French restaurant with a profound interior. We offer dishes that make the most of the characteristics of seasonal ingredients.

25,000 yen

Hotel Europe

We serve seafood from Nagasaki and seasonal mountain food in authentic Japanese cuisine. Modern and eclectic arrangements shine everywhere.

25,000 yen

Hotel Europe

Exquisite baking by craftsmanship brings out the umami of the finest Wagyu beef. Enjoy the supreme teppanyaki.

33,000 yen

Hotel Europe
Rembrandt Hall (12/31 only)


12,000 yen

Hotel Amsterdam
A Coeur Ouvert

A buffet restaurant overlooking the venue from the window. We offer Japanese and Western dishes based on French cuisine.

11,000 yen

Forest Villa
Trottiner (12/31, 1/1 only)

A restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of dishes using carefully selected ingredients from the suburbs of Kyushu in a buffet style.

9,000 yen

* All displayed amounts include tax and service charge

Other hotels where you can enjoy Huis Ten Bosch

hotel rotterdam
(Old-Henn Na Hotel Huis Ten Bosch)

* Henn Na Hotel Huis Ten Bosch will be completely renewed as "Hotel Rotterdam" from October 26th.

(旧ウォーターマークホテル 長崎 ハウステンボス)



※ウォーターマークホテル 長崎ハウステンボスは10/26以降「ホテルデンハーグ」に名称を変更いたします。

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