お客様のご要望により、歌劇 ザ・レビュー HTBの自由席は無料指定席となり、 整理券対応に変更いたします

start date

Start from December 12, 2020


Distribution time


* All performances on the day will be distributed, and rainy weather performances will be omitted.

Distribution location

Muse Hall

Numbered ticket contents

・ Please present your passport or membership card when purchasing a numbered ticket.

・ Please select your desired performance time at the reception and we will distribute one per person. If you wish to have more than one performance, please line up again.

・ This ticket can only be used on the day of the event.

・ All unreserved seats are free reserved seats. guests cannot choose their seats.

・ The admission time is stated on the numbered ticket. Please note that if you do not arrive in time

・ If the numbered ticket is lost, it will be invalid.

・ If the performance is unavoidably canceled, the numbered ticket will be invalid.

・ Please refrain from canceling after receiving the numbered ticket.

guests who wish to use the wheelchair area should inform the staff in advance. Please note that the number of sheets is limited.



・ Please refrain from transferring numbered tickets to other guests

・ Please refrain from re-arranging the numbered tickets for one performance many times.

・ When purchasing a numbered ticket, please refrain from entering the line or taking a place.


* If you do not follow the above precautions, please refrain from entering the Muse Hall.

About group reserved seats

・ Paid seats are reserved in advance at Muse Hall Special Privilege

If you do not come 30 minutes before the performance, it will be canceled and will be sold to guests We would like guests Please come until accepted until 30 minutes before the curtain.

About waiting for cancellation of numbered ticket

・ If the numbered ticket time, it will be canceled.

In that case, we will guide guests You would like a waiting list of free seats guests Please arrive 30 minutes before the Cayenne.


guests who wish to wait for the above cancellation, they may have to wait in line.