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Regarding changes in time etc. from January 12 (Tuesday)


Huis Ten Bosch has decided to change its Opening Times from January 12th (Tuesday) to February 7th (Sunday) in response to the state of emergency for 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures and the special warning issued by Nagasaki prefecture. It was.


As a result, the following changes will occur regarding the performance THE REVUE Huis Ten Bosch
We apologize for any inconvenience caused to everyone who was looking forward to the play, and thank you for your understanding.


○ "Y & G Concert"
The "Y & G Concert" scheduled for January 23rd (Sat) and 24th (Sun) will be postponed. We will inform you of the schedule as soon as it is decided.


○ Performance at Amsterdam Square
It will end on January 11th (Monday), and this performance will be held at Muse Hall from January 12th (Tuesday).
We will inform you about the resumption of the Amsterdam Square performance as soon as it is decided.


○ Muse Hall performance
Performances scheduled after 19:00 will be suspended.
In addition, some performances may have different time
For those who purchase advance tickets for eligible performances, we will send you a separate refund information by email.


○ About advance ticket sales
Regarding the pre-sale from February 1st (Monday) to February 15th (Monday) scheduled for January 9th (Saturday), the sale date will be changed due to the change in the performance schedule. We will inform you of the sale date after it is decided.

In addition, due to changes in the performance schedule from January 12th (Tuesday) to 31st (Sunday), advance sales for the same period will be suspended from today. We will inform you about the resumption of sales after the decision.