January performance WEB ticket sales resumption information


Due to the change in Huis Ten Bosch Opening Times from January 12th (Tuesday), the performance time THE REVUE Huis Ten Bosch will be partially changed, so ticket sales on the WEB have been suspended, but preparations for resuming sales are We will inform you that it is ready.


We will inform you about the performance ticket sales after February.

Sales resumption date

January 13, 2021 (Wednesday), 19: 00-

Target performance

January 16th (Sat) -January 31st (Sun), 2021


* Due to the suspension of performances at Amsterdam Square, a new performance at 14:45 has been set up at Muse Hall (normal performance at about 60 minutes).
* The performance originally scheduled to start at 16:30 during the above period has been changed to start at 17:15.
guests who have already purchased a ticket for the 16:30 performance, the ticket can be used for the 17:15 performance.