[Huis Ten Bosch] About the photo session

Schedule Target performances of photo opposition
~ Friday, July 8 16:30、17:30、19:15

* There will be no photo session at the 14:20 performance when stormy weather is cancelled.

From Saturday, July 9th

September 9th (Friday)

11:30, 14:45, 15:30
* The photo session at the 19:30 performance when stormy weather is canceled will be held only when Huis Ten Bosch 's Opening Times are until 22:00.


* On Saturday, August 6th, there will be no photo shoot at the 14:45 performance due to the tea party.

* On August 30th (Tuesday), there will be a 14:15 performance due to the Team Heart Chiakiraku performance, but photography will be carried out.

* The performances subject to photography may change due to changes in Opening Times Please note.