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Huis Ten Bosch venue(Nagasaki)

4/15 (Fri) -8/30​ ​(Tue)

Dramatic Review "Love Song in the Sky"

From ancient times, it was said that youkai lived on the top floor of the castle tower, and humans were promised not to enter.
At one point, a young and beautiful samurai, Shonosuke, goes up to the castle tower at the command of his master. The youkai princess, Tomihime, touches the refreshing heart of the book Nosuke and falls in love, but the love between the two breaks the commandments of the demon world and the human world and causes a conflict.
The power of the words of Kyoka Izumi, a writer who was active from the Meiji era to the early Showa era, is revived as a dynamic fantasy world with splendor and modernism, powerful songs and dances unique to opera.


愛那月ひかる Hikaru Manazuki


愛那月ひかる チームハート

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Performance venue / period

ハウステンボス会場(長崎県) 4/15(金) ~ 8/30(火)

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6/16(木) 6/30(木)


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7/1(金) 7/8(金)


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7/9(土) 7/31(日)


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