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Huis Ten Bosch venue(Nagasaki)

12/5 (Sat) -3/9 (Tuesday)

Twilight Moon-The miracle of meeting you-

Richard, a court guard who holds his beliefs in his heart and tries to gain the freedom to live, his colleague and his best friend, Aladdant, and his mysterious daughter, Alishane, who met on a moonlit night.
The scenery beyond love and friendship will make a big difference in each life.
With the soul of a man in Japanese rock music, the line dance that glitters like a fairy is like a sweet candy.
Please enjoy the reviews of the stars, centered on the top star Seiran Sora, who go around the stage brilliantly.


Sora Seira


Blue orchid sky

Performance overview

Performance venue / period

ハウステンボス会場(長崎県) 12/5(土) ~ 3/9(火)

Performance schedule

Performance dateTicket release datePurchase Remarks
2/1(月) 2/7(日)


Buy a ticket *2月1日~7日公演分の販売となります。
2/27(土) 3/15(月)


Buy a ticket *2月27日(土)~3月15日(月)の公演チケット販売となります。
*3月9日(火) チームシャイン「トワイライトムーン~君に出会えた奇跡~」千秋楽を含みます。
*3月13日(土) チームシャイン「シャイニングレビュー~春のカンパネラ~」初日を含みます。

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