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The popular name plate "DECORERU" because you can make your own key chain.

You can make your own name plate by attaching parts and letters as you like ♪
Attach it to the back etc. as a mark.
I am pleased with it for myself and as a souvenir.
★ "Home decorator" that you can make at home is also available!

Original mascot character "Churi"

Huis Ten Bosch 's original mascot character "Chury" is a tulip fairy.
The most popular item is the stuffed animal! The "Volendam series" wearing Dutch folk costumes has also been revived!
In addition, we have handkerchiefs, stationery, key chains, and other products that are perfect as souvenirs.

Rainbow bear

Huis Ten Bosch, the overwhelmingly popular "Rainbow Bear"!
The body decorated with embroidery and buttons of various shapes and the Huis Ten Bosch full of flowers will be captivated in an instant!

Bare key chain

A large collection of popular bear key chains in Huis Ten Bosch
All are original, so no matter which one you buy !!
We recommend the Volendam series wearing Dutch costumes. The boy's name is "Fruc" and the girl's name is "Carrel". It is one of the souvenirs that are typical of Huis Ten Bosch

HTB original character collaboration product

[HTB Sanrio collaboration] Original goods (others)

Huis Ten Bosch original characters and Sanrio character collaboration design goods, notepads, ballpoint pens, socks, key chains, etc. are also available. It is an original only here ♪

Intellectual Education Block Chury LaQ

Perfect as a souvenir for children!
Huis Ten Bosch original Chury LaQ is here!
LaQ is a popular toy overseas as an educational block born in Japan.
It is also introduced in kindergartens, nursery schools, and long-term care facilities because it uses fingertips to combine parts to create shapes.
Why don't you make a chury with your child?

European characters

Lisa & Gaspard Goods

Good friends Lisa & Gaspard are very good friends.


A lineup of stuffed animals

A stuffed animal of the popular Scandinavian character "Moomin".
The cuteness that seems to have escaped from the story!
Please decorate your room wherever you like, such as shelves and beds.
It is a size that is easy to fit in the interior.

The popular My Corner has also been created!

Although her body is very small, she is a brave and independent Mimura girl, Chibi Mii.
Little My has a cute expression that seems to be planning something.
Please be your mischievous companion ♪


It is a beautiful glass that allows you to enter the world of Moomin while looking at it.
With excellent stability, it is perfect for everyday use.
It seems that you will be pleased not only for yourself but also guests

Towel & hair band

The Moomin design and stylish colors are very popular.
Loved by a wide range of age groups, Moomin towels can be used by children and adults alike, making them perfect as gifts.

Bath gift & linen water

○ A gift set containing 3 types of bath goods that are perfect for small gifts
○ A voluminous gift box containing 4 types of bath goods in a box like a house
○ A soap with a high moisturizing effect made from a pure vegetable soap base.
With the fresh scent of fruits and flowers, you can enjoy it as a fragrance soap.

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