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The Castle of Wine


Interior Blue Riesling

2,800 yen

This slightly sweet white wine, with its eye-catching cool blue bottle, is full of the charm of German Riesling.
It's a refreshing wine that is easy to drink.

La Vague Blue Sparkling

2,500 yen

A dry sparkling wine with a beautiful, transparent blue color.
The moderate acidity brings out its refreshing taste. This is a drink you'll want to drink ice-cold on a hot day!

Huis Ten Bosch Original Half Wine Cabernet Syrah


[Red wine / Still / France / Full body]
Half-bottle of gold award-winning wine for 3 consecutive years! Deep ruby color with toasty aromas of violet, blackberry and oak barrels. It has a smooth and smooth mouthfeel and a long finish.

Huis Ten Bosch Original Half Wine Chardonnay

¥1,400 each

[White wine / Still / France / Dry]
100% Chardonnay with mellow fruit from the fields facing the south. A gorgeous gold color, pear and vanilla scents, and a rich taste. You can enjoy a long finish.

Duquesa rear gala rosa


[Red wine / Slightly foamed / Italy / Sweet]
Limited to Huis Ten Bosch! Exclusive sale of The Castle of Wine
The scent reminiscent of blackberries and raspberries has a floral nuance, and the taste lasts for a long time.
It has a sweet yet refreshing and well-balanced taste.

Opus One

[For advanced users / Red wine / America / Dry]
It has aromas of concentrated blueberries, rose petals and white truffles, and its soft mouthfeel and texture perfectly express its supple texture, fruitiness and acidity. You can enjoy the best finish with a long and attractive finish.
● Recommended dishes / Deeply aged cheese, French cuisine

Nagasaki's only winery "Goto Winery"

From still wine to sparkling, it has a gentle taste that is easy to drink even for beginners.
Among the many wineries in Kyushu, Goto Wine is the only Nagasaki wine!
This wine will accompany a wide range of dishes. Repeaters are also appearing one after another.
Goto wine, which has a small production volume, how about commemorating it?
*Some types may be sold out.

Miyazaki Tono Wine Campbell Early

1,800 yen

[For beginners / red wine / Miyazaki / sweet]
A wine of quality that attracts the world's attention, such as being selected twice as one of the "100 Best Wines in the World". The scent of red fruits, citrus and fruity scents like green apples overflow from the glass one after another.
● Recommended dishes / Especially local dishes of Miyazaki prefecture in Kyushu, simmered dishes such as daikon and oden, sweets

Moscato d'Asti


[For beginners / white wine / Italy / sweet]
Huis Ten Bosch most popular. The sweet and refreshing taste is perfect for an aperitif. The fruity sweetness that goes well with cream cheese and blue cheese can also be enjoyed as an after-dinner drink. Recommended for those who are not good at drinking with an alcohol content of 5.5%.
● Recommended dishes / blue cheese, cream cheese



[For beginners / Red wine / Slightly foamed / Australia / Slightly sweet]
A wine with a refreshing grape sweetness and mellow fruit flavor. Alcohol content is lower than regular wine and it is easy to drink.
● Recommended dishes / Indian curry, dried tomatoes, raw salami pizza, sukiyaki, teriyaki, beef tataki, yakiniku, yakitori

The Castle of Wine Exclusive Sale! Moscato White Gold


Moscato of "Japan's first landing"
Huis Ten Bosch The Castle of Wine!! Exclusive sale !!
[White wine / Slightly foamed / Australia / Sweet]
It is a premium range of the classic Moscato, and it is a product that you can feel the original taste of grapes and slightly foamed bubbles more strongly.

The Castle of Wine Exclusive Sale! Kazarito Moscato Dusty


[White wine / Slightly foamed / Italy / Sweet]
Limited to Huis Ten Bosch The Castle of Wine!! Exclusive sale !!
You can enjoy a lively citrus-like finish by adding the flavor of peach to the taste reminiscent of honey. A sweet, slightly effervescent sparkling that is easy to drink with 5.5% alcohol.