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The Castle of Kyushu

Original product
Amsterdam City
Amsterdam City G-7
Products handled
Kyushu Mentaiko, Nagasaki Castella, sweets, local sake

Specialties from all over Kyushu come together!

We have recommended souvenirs that are particular about the ingredients of each prefecture in Kyushu.
Mainly Nagasaki products, processed seafood such as spicy cod roe, tsukudani, local noodles, sweets, local seasonings,
A wide variety of tea, local sake, local shochu, and local beer. I have never seen or heard of it depending on the season
Maybe you can find new, delicious, limited items in Kyushu?

News & Events
[Period] August 01, 2019-August 31, 2019

Recommended for summer Cool goods fair

We have a selection of refreshing recommended souvenirs for summer and season. Shimabara Somen, rare indigo tea (blue tea of indigo), chin ...

[Period] From July 17, 2021

Goto Islands Taste Fair

We have a selection of recommended additive-free seasonings, including the delicious "Goto Udon" from the Goto Islands, which is popular both inside and outside Nagasaki Prefecture. In the Goto archipelago ...

What's Good?
If it's a horse in Kyushu, why don't you do it!

We offer you various food from all over Kyushu!

Facility information
NameThe Castle of Kyushu
LocationAmsterdam City Amsterdam City The Castle of Sweets of The Castle of Wine
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