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The Castle of Kyushu

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Amsterdam City
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Kyushu Mentaiko, Nagasaki Castella, sweets, local sake
Popular product BEST5

No. 1 Nagasaki Limited Sea Bream Menbei

Menbei, a mentaiko-flavored rice cracker that represents Kyushu. This is a limited edition "Sea Bream Menbei" that can only be obtained in Nagasaki Prefecture. A delicious crispy rice cracker with less spiciness that uses abundant surimi of sea bream from Nagasaki prefecture, which seems to be the best catch of "sea bream" in Japan, "Nagasaki". The design of the package is based on the dragon dance of "Nagasaki Kunchi", which is perfect as a souvenir.

From 650 yen

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2nd place amber sugar

"Amber sugar" introduced in the magazine trip "Rurubu" is a total of 9 types of ramune, yuzu, oume, pear, mandarin orange, white peach, cherry peach, grape, and blueberry. Manufactured after receiving an order. The most popular is the refreshing blue "ramune" reminiscent of summer. Because it is a popular item, it often sells out ... It is especially popular with young women.

From 300 yen

3rd place Susakiya Castella

A valuable castella that has both Wasanbon and Gosanyaki, a castella shop with a history of over 100 years. It features a rich egg flavor and a light and elegant sweetness. [Nagasaki specialty]

From 1,100 yen

4th place Nagasaki Castella Pudding

Received the Monde Selection Gold Award for 5 consecutive years.
In addition, "Castella Purin" won the highest gold medal in the gourmet contest that decides a new specialty of Nagasaki.
The caramel sauce that goes well with it is made into a crush by a unique manufacturing method, and its name is "Zaramel".
When sprinkled on purin, you can enjoy a crunchy texture like gritty.
We use "Taiyo Egg" from Nagasaki Prefecture.

From 540 yen

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4th place Happy Cruz

Strawberry flavor of Nagasaki's famous confectionery "Cruz". Enjoy the mellow harmony of white chocolate mixed with Sachinoka strawberry and the crispy and lightly chewy wafer-made dough kneaded with Sachinoka strawberry. [Nagasaki specialty]

From 390 yen

5th place Goto Udon (with soup)

Thin udon noodles made with Goto's specialty camellia oil. It is characterized by its strong elasticity and smoothness. Because it does not spread easily, you can enjoy both hot and cold until the end. [Nagasaki specialty]

Goto soy sauce

Goto's camellia yeast, 100% Goto fish, low salt, no additives, and carefully selected seasonings from Goto.
It is a dish that will satisfy even those who care about their health.
"Goto soy sauce" can be used for various dishes.
The soy sauce koji, which won the Fisheries Agency Commissioner's Award, is recommended for cold tofu and omelet rice, just like ordinary salty soy sauce.
Jiuqu can be used like dashi soy sauce as a secret ingredient in cooking.

950 yen

Kyushu / Seafood / Mentaiko

Mentai Hakata pickled mekabu and squid sashimi 180g

Extremely popular horse and popular product! "Mentai Hakata-zuke" made by Hakata Mentaikoya, which is made by soaking Hokkaido kelp from Hokkaido's local cuisine "Matsumaezuke" in the seasoning liquid of mentaiko and adding spicy mentaiko. You can enjoy the taste of mentaiko and Matsumaezuke at the same time as a side dish of sake and rice! Please make it a souvenir of Kyushu!

1100 yen

Spicy cod roe Hakata chinotoshi

"Hakata Ago Otoshi" was added to mean that the "chin" fell into the deliciousness of a bite. Directly go fishing all over the world, land, carefully select, handle, and quick freeze on board while fresh. The secret of deliciousness is the secret seasoning liquid that maximizes the deliciousness of the raw egg and the time-consuming manufacturing method. Received the prestigious "Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award" at the National Fisheries Processed Products Comprehensive Quality Examination Committee. Among Kyushu's famous Hakata Mentaiko, "Hakata Ago Otoshi" is the best souvenir.

From 1100 yen

Yamaya Kyushu Limited Spicy Mentaiko

Yamaya's mentaiko is characterized by its refreshing yuzu flavor and crushed texture of roe. The Kyushu limited edition comes with a "takumi sauce" that allows you to adjust the spiciness.

From 1,300 yen

Hakata chinotoshi roe mentaiko 80g

Lightly roe the spicy cod roe. The fragrance is appetizing. While making the best use of the flavor and mellowness of the egg, the spicy and punchy spiciness is well combined.

650 yen

Recommended Kyushu Dashi / Seasoning

Huis Ten Bosch Original Sasebo Lemon Steak Sauce

Huis Ten Bosch popular restaurant "Road Reve"! In guests who want the sauce, a steak sauce recreation the taste according to the chef's recipe has finally appeared. Feel free to enjoy the taste of a famous restaurant at home!

700 yen


A new type of liquid yuzukosho. The ingredients are simple, with only "Yuzu peel", "vinegar", and "pepper"! It's simple, but it's a big success in various dishes, mainly Western food! It's delicious once you put it on.

600 yen

Hundokin lemon steak sauce

A sweet and sour lemon-flavored soy sauce sauce that originated in Sasebo and is a sauce for thinly sliced steaks that can be easily eaten. Besides steak, it goes well with hamburger sauce, chicken and pork. [Nagasaki specialty]

400 yen

Maximum spice

Miyazaki's specialty seasoning. This one has a spicy, professional-grade taste! You can use it not only for meat, but also for fried dishes, fried rice, and soup.

550 yen

Transparent soy sauce

The color of the material is maximized while keeping the flavor of soy sauce.
We propose a new generation of basic seasonings at the milestone of 150 years of operation. It is a dish that you would like to taste as a seasoning for various dishes such as Western dishes.

650 yen

Goto soy sauce

Goto's camellia yeast, 100% Goto fish, low salt, no additives, and carefully selected seasonings from Goto.
It is a dish that will satisfy even those who care about their health.
"Goto soy sauce" can be used for various dishes.
The soy sauce koji, which won the Fisheries Agency Commissioner's Award, is recommended for cold tofu and omelet rice, just like ordinary salty soy sauce.
Jiuqu can be used like dashi soy sauce as a secret ingredient in cooking.

950 yen

Recommended liquor

Shochu Umegaeda wheat

It is a shochu that you can enjoy the sweet scent like fruits and the pleasant refreshing feeling of barley shochu, which is made by reusing the barrels used for brandy production and carefully aging carefully selected barley shochu. [Nagasaki specialty]

Sake Umegaeda Sparkling Sake

Sake with a delicate, gentle and clear taste reminiscent of champagne. A slightly luxurious and pop liquor that you want to drink when you are happy or happy. [Nagasaki specialty]

Sake Fukuda Sake Brewery Nagasaki Beauty

Daiginjo adopted in first class. The gorgeous aroma and the umami of rice are in harmony, and it goes well with any dish. It is recommended to chill and drink. [Nagasaki specialty]

Original Imo Shochu Izumizu Maihime 25% 900ml

Authentic sweet potato shochu in collaboration with Huis Ten Bosch It is mellow, rich, very well-balanced, and has a taste that everyone can enjoy. Limited quantity of 500 pieces.

Kyushu Men! Noodles!

Huis Ten Bosch Original Champon

Champon in collaboration with a famous local manufacturer. Huis Ten Bosch original product that recreation the authentic taste. [Nagasaki specialty]

1,400 yen each

Nagasaki Champon / Sara Udon "Tentenyu"

Nagasaki Champon and Sara Udon for souvenirs supervised by Nagasaki Jun Chinese Restaurant "Tentenyu", which has been in business for over 70 years. Mr. Tentenyu, who has been running as the "face" of Shiambashi Yokocho since 1946 at the entrance of Shiambashi Yokocho. Enjoy the nostalgic taste at home. Take the taste loved by the locals as a souvenir!

500 yen~

Kyushu Ramen 7 prefectures in Kyushu Eat whole

It contains a wide variety of ramen that makes the best use of the characteristics of each of the seven prefectures, including Fukuoka's tonkotsu ramen. "Soy sauce ramen with Nagasaki chin dashi" has a refreshing taste in Nagasaki prefecture. [Nagasaki specialty]

2,000 yen

Goto Toraya's Tenobe Udon

"Goto Udon" is one of the three major udon noodles in Japan. It is very popular as a souvenir.

Maruichi Kyushu trip 6 kinds assortment BOX

"Kyushu no Tabi Ramen" 6 meals, Nagahama Ramen, Kurume Ramen, Kumamoto Ramen, Nagasaki Agodashi Ramen, Kagoshima Ramen, Soupless Tonkotsu Ramen.
It has a long taste and is ideal for home use and as a gift.

1400 yen

Tsukudani in Kyushu

Autumn bud glue

The hard-to-find "Autumn Nori Algae" is specially provided by a seaweed farmer, and is handmade using the finest original soy sauce. As it is an uncut method, it has the best texture and texture.

700 yen

Shoya's Nanasai Konbu

It is the best-selling Tsukudani in our shop. Super horse! It sells very well! Sesame, dried shrimp, wakame seaweed, and sesame seeds are added to the aroma of the selected kelp, and it is a colorful delicacy! The vibrant colors are tantalizing. It is also GOOD as a snack for sake and as a material for vinegared foods! Tsukudani is very popular regardless of age or gender!

600 yen

Recommended sweets

Traditional Japanese sweets amber sugar 50g

"Amber sugar" is a traditional confectionery made from agar and sardines (white disaccharide). It is characterized by its crispy, plump and mysterious texture and delicate taste, and is also called an "eating jewel" because of its beautiful appearance. Due to manual production, the quantity is limited. [Shikisai Japanese sweets shop made by Kakihachi]

300 yen per piece

Other recommended items!

Rainbow Iro Ramune

"Maruhara" Ramune has been loved for a long time in Hita, Oita. The iridescent color uses natural pigments (red cabbage, safflower, gardenia jasminoides) extracted from vegetables and flowers. Because it is a natural pigment, the color gradually disappears when exposed to light. It was named "Rainbow Ramune" because it looks like a rainbow that gradually disappears. It is a nostalgic ramune. It is sold only in the summer.

200 yen

Nagasaki / Shimabara Tomato Ramen 2 meals

Shimabara's hand-rolled craftsmen use 100% domestic wheat and make it with a strong chewy texture, smooth and addictive noodles, mellow sourness with tomato flavor, and dissolve in ice water !! Combine "tomato soup" I did. "Warm" or "cold" is cool! 〆 is delicious twice with risotto! Especially popular with women.

450 yen

Nagasaki / Shimabara Yuzu Pork Bone Ramen 2 Meals

Shimabara's hand-rolled craftsmen use 100% wheat and make it with a strong chewy, smooth and addictive noodles, and the flavor of Yuzu pepper from Oita prefecture is awesome !! I did. A citrus ramen that overturns the concept of tonkotsu ramen because it has a strong punch in terms of the aroma, flavor, and spiciness of yuzu. It is also popular with women!

450 yen

Nagasaki sticky tofu

It is a delicious sesame tofu from "Houmoto sesame tofu shop", which has been sticking to the raw materials since its establishment in 1952 in Nagasaki, which is noisy with sesame tofu, and has spared no effort in roasting and grinding sesame, which is the key to the taste. ..

350 yen

Nagasaki Castella Ice

Seven types of Nagasaki castella with sardines, vanilla ice cream, matcha, strawberry, loquat, chocolate, coffee, and Shiratama Ogura. Eggs are handmade one by one from Aino Town, Nagasaki Prefecture. It is an ice cream that you can enjoy not only in the summer but throughout the year.

350 yen

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