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"The Castle of Sweets" that is fun to see and delicious to eat

The Castle of Sweets

Original product
Art Garden
Tower City
Amsterdam City
Amsterdam City G-7
Products handled

"The Castle of Sweets" is an exciting store for EVERYONE!!!

The center of Huis Ten Bosch
Shopping area Located in Amsterdam City
Sweets specialty store "The Castle of Sweets"

In the store
Lots of sweets and colorful and cute products from around the world, mainly in Europe ♪
For gifts and rewards for yourself ... ♪

Look, it's fun! Eat it, it's delicious !!
The Castle of Sweets

You will surely find your favorite

News & Events

The Castle of Sweets Limited Sale Baumkuchen Tasting Party ♪

Held only on weekends and holidays! You can sample the special Baumkuchen that can only be obtained at The Castle of Sweets ♪ Sprinkle sugar on the surface of the dough and heat it directly ...

What's Good?
Candy showtime

CANDY SHOW TIME products expand to The Castle of Sweets
It's tiny and cute!
The fruit MIX, which is packed with 10 kinds of fruit flavors, will be appreciated by men and women of all ages.
I'm wondering which pattern to use. For your own reward.
With gratitude, make a small gift.
[Price] CANDY SHOW TIME Fruit MIX 460 yen

Facility information
NameThe Castle of Sweets
LocationAmsterdam City Rubens Street MAP Amsterdam City ⑦
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