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The best selection of castella in Japan with over 200 items!

Castella Castle Finest Gosanyaki Castella "Pure Gold"

Bunmeido Sohonten uses only carefully selected ingredients, baked with the skill of the limited craftsmen, and does not add any extras, it is a simple and superb taste!

0.75号 3,800円 0.35号 2,100円

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The Castle of Cheese Gouda Cheese 190g

You can slice it as it is and eat it! It's a cheese that melts when heated, so it can be used in a variety of dishes! This is one of the representative cheeses and is a popular cheese here!

1,400 yen

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A large collection of delicious specialty products from all over Kyushu!
Tasting is being held every day!


Menbei, a rice cracker made from mentaiko! It is sold all over Kyushu as a new souvenir representing Kyushu! It has a crispy texture that you can eat as many as you like, and has a moderate spiciness and umami of seafood! There are many flavor variations such as bonito, sea bream, mayonnaise, and dry!

2枚×2袋 160円、2枚×8袋 540円、2枚×16袋 1,080円

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A shop where you can enjoy sweets from children to adults!

The Castle of Sweets Royal Brulee Baumkuchen

Baumkuchen finished by sprinkling sugar on the surface of the dough and caramelizing it over direct heat! The outside is bittersweet and the inside is moist and rich!

1,800 yen

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Wine tasting is popular!
Assortment of more than 500 types from Kyushu wines to the famous wines!

The Castle of Wine Moscato Dusty

Huis Ten Bosch's most popular wine ordered from Italy! A sweet sparkling wine with over 30,000 bottles sold annually! In the refreshing Muscat taste, there is a fragrant elegance! It goes well with cream cheese, seasonal fruits, and biscuits!

2,400 yen

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It is a shop where you can enjoy the ceramics of Arita porcelain companies and the sake of Kyushu famous brewery!

Castelo de Seafood and Porcelain Mamesara

A cute little plate with a diameter of 6.8 cm! All are hand-painted, so each piece has a different expression! It's a fun product to use and happy to receive!

1枚 660円

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Bears limited to Huis Ten Bosch!
Teddy bear specialty store!

LindaTeddy bear

"Berryman bear" which was the origin of the birth of the teddy bear and Huis Ten Bosch collaboration goods! The charming points are the big eyes and the characteristic fluffy fur!

From 300 yen

cBerrymanBear Japan

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The world's largest selection!
Original Miffy is the most popular!

Nijntje Basic Miffy

Miffy's stuffed toy with the Dutch flag can only be found at Huis Ten Bosch in Japan!

3,300 yen

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Huis Ten Bosch original brand specialty store!

LOGO Nanoblock

The windmill, Domtoren, and Palace Huis Ten Bosch, which are also symbols of Huis Ten Bosch, have become nanoblocks! It's fun to make! It's fun to decorate! It's fun to collect! It is a popular product that allows children and adults to forget about time and immerse themselves in it!

2,400 yen

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A shop where you can buy original products without entering Huis Ten Bosch!

General Shop BEST 3 Sonogi Matcha Butter

"Sonogi Matcha" from Higashisonogi Town, Nagasaki Prefecture, and sweet "butter cream" made from rich butter! It is a luxurious dish that does not use pesticides or additives and allows you to enjoy the bright colors of "Sonogi Matcha" and the sweetness and bitterness of matcha! It goes great with bread when you eat it!

1,000 yen

詳しくはこちら 2本セットはこちら

We have a lot of products unique to the palace that you can only get here in the park!

Palace Shop Palace Goods

With the keyword "Palace x Flower", this product is based on the image of a "Glamorous Palace" for women and a "Calm and Prestigious Palace" for men!

From 450 yen

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The collection of elegant and popular products such as perfumes and bath goods!

Angelique Roll-on Fragrance

A roll-on type fragrance that you can enjoy casually when you want to change your mood! We have 3 types of Huis Ten Bosch original scents and 10 types of scents that you can enjoy each season! The popular scent is the original scent "Verrifud"!

2,600 yen

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If you are looking for souvenirs of Dutch folk crafts that are typical of Huis Ten Bosch, this is a must-see shop!

Holland HouseMini Clogs

Clogs that have long been loved in the Netherlands! Each decoration has its own meaning, such as "Saving money" and "Being smarter".

From 1200 yen

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A lineup of cute and fun character goods!




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