■ Admission Ticket
※ Adult(Age18+)/ Junior(middle school.senior middle school student)/ Child(primary school student)/ Preschoolers(48 months~under primary school student)/ Senior(Age65+)/ Kids under 48 months are free of charge.
※ Please kindly note that advance-purchase discounts (60 days before, 30 days before and 14 days before) is available.
※ The persons with disabilities can get discount. Please consult for more details.

Ticket Type Ticket Details day Price(¥)
NEW 1DAY Passport
1Day Admission+1Day Passport-based Facilities
Adult 7,000
Junior 6,000
Child 4,600
Preschooler 3,500
Thoughtfulness ticket 5,000
Excluded Date: Dec.31
Up to 800yen DC! More details▼
NEW 2DAY Passport
Consecutive 2Day Admission+ The Use of Passport based Facilities for Consecutive 2days.
Adult 12,200
Junior 10,400
Child 8,000
Preschooler 6,100
Thoughtfulness ticket 8,700
Excluded Date: Dec.30 and Dec.31
NEW 3DAY Passport
Consecutive 3Day Admission+ The Use of Passport based Facilities for Consecutive 3days.
Adult 16,100
Junior 13,900
Child 10,600
Preschooler 8,100
Thoughtfulness ticket 11,600
Excluded Date: Dec.29, Dec.30 and Dec.31


■Afternoon Admission Ticket

Ticket Type Ticket Details Price(¥)
NEW After3 Passport
Huis Ten Bosch After15:00 Admission
+The Use of Passport-based Facilities after 15:00
Adult 5,000
Junior 4,300
Child 3,300
Preschooler 2,500
Thoughtfulness ticket 3,600
Excluded Date: Dec.31
NEW After6 Passport
Huis Ten Bosch After18:00 Admission
+The Use of Passport-based Facilities after 18:00
Adult 4,000
Junior 3,400
Child 2,600
Preschooler 2,000
Thoughtfulness ticket 2,900
Excluded Date: Dec.31


■Official Hotel Guests' Exclusive Tickets
※ Only availabe for official hotel guests

Ticket Type Ticket Details Price(¥)
NEW Official Hotel
1.5DAY Passport
Admission for consecutive 2days(15:00 on the 1st day~the whole day of the 2nd day)+
The use of 2days for passport-based facilities(15:00 on the 1st day~the whole day of the 2nd day)
Adult 9,100
Junior 7,900
Child 6,000
Preschooler 4,600
Thoughtfulness ticket 6,600
Excluded Date: Dec.30 and Dec.31
NEW Official Hotel
2DAY Passport
Admission for consecutive 2days+
The use of 2days for passport-based facilities
Adult 11,000
Junior 9,500
Child 7,300
Preschooler 5,600
Thoughtfulness ticket 7,900
Excluded Date: Dec.30 and Dec.31
NEW Official Hotel
3DAY Passport
Admission for consecutive 3days+
The use of 3days for passport-based facilities
Adult 14,100
Junior 12,100
Child 9,300
Preschooler 7,100
Thoughtfulness ticket 10,100
Excluded Date: Dec.29, Dec.30 and Dec.31


※ "Official Hotel Guests' Exclusive Tickets" are available for the guests of Henn-na Hotel, Watermark Hotel Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch, Hotel Okura JR Huis Ten Bosch, Hotel Nikko Huis Ten Bosch
※ The guests of Hotel Europe, Hotel Amsterdam, Forest Villa only need to purchase your first day's ticket(1DAY Passport or Afternoon Admission Passport).
For more information, please refer to the "Accomodation Privileges of 3 Official Hotels" as below.


■ Thoughtfulness ticket
※ It's the special price for those who seldom use attractions~
※ It's necessary to show relevant proof when the following customers buy tickets.

Customer Type Contents Proofs
Age65+ Passport
The Pregnant The Pregnant+One Cmpanion Mother's Diary, Badge of the Pregnant
Pet Carrier One pet, one carrier Pet companion admission requirements must be signed before admission.
Companion of a child under Age3 2 companions of one child under Age3 Passport


■ Birthday Special~
※ Spend your annual birthday in Huis Ten Bosch and leave unforgettable memories~

Adult: ¥500 discount Junior・Child・Preschooler・Thoughtfulness ticket: ¥300 discount
Applicable Ticket 1,2,3DAY Passport, Official Hotel○○Passport,(Official Re-entry Passport&Afternoon Ticket are excluded.)


■ Premium Passport


Admission Holder-Adult & Child(same price) 3 Official Hotel Guest Exclusive
3,000yen 1,000yen



■ Passport Privilege of 3 Official Hotels


※ The privilege for customers of 3 official hotels! Re-entry passport will be offered.


Appointed Hotels  3 Official Hotels <Hotel Europe, Hotel Amsterdam, Forest Villa>
The function of "Re-entry Passport"
*It's a kind of privilege ticket offered to customers of 3 official hotels from the 2nd day on.
*It's a kind of ticket used as 1DAY Passport. The ticket holder can use attractions for a whole day.
How to get "Re-entry Passport"
1. It's necessary to buy a ticket(any type) on the 1st day(the check-in day).
2. The privilege ticket should be exchanged with the ticket you used on the 1st day(the day before) at the hotel front desk from the next day(the 2nd day) on.
Examples of ticket purchasing for hotel guests of 3 official hotels.
☆1-night stay: 1 night-「purchase ticket」, check-out day-「Re-entry Passport」(privilege ticket).
☆2-night stay: 「purchase ticket」, 2nd night&check-out day-「Re-entry Passport」(privilege ticket).
☆The privilege will also be offered as long as customers stay continuously among these 3 official hotels. For example: 1st night-Hotel Europe, 2nd night-Hotel Amsterdam.

Be sure to confirm!! Notices for free privileges of the official hotel customers
※The privilege(re-entry passport) will not be offered on Dec. 31
↳Dec.31 Special Passport will be required because "Countdown Fireworks Festival" will be held on Dec.31.
※NO BED children can also get privileges(re-entry passports).


■ Facilities that cannot be used by passport


Location Name Price
Facilities outside the park
Mameshiba Café Adult(middle schoool age and the above)¥880, Child¥680
Gold & Hydrogen Bath
(Huis Ten Bosch Hot Spring)
Minamikaze Orthopaedic Hospital
※Massage Shop
¥1,000/10min~ multiple menus.
Amsterdam City
Premium Lounge “Premium Passport” holders can use it
Tower City
Premium Sky Lounge(F4)
“Premium Passport” holders can use it
Riding Facilities
Canoe ¥2,200~¥3,300 multiple menus. Reservation required.
Cart Taxi *To destination ¥300/person
*Around park ¥2,200/20min. ¥3,000/30min : a car
Helicopter Tour ¥11,000/3min~ various courses. Reservation required.
Carriage Tour Adult(middle schoool age and the above)¥1,500/Child¥1,000
※Reservation required.
Rental Cycles Single-seat bicycle¥500/1hr~
There are different cycles and different rental time.