The famous scenes of Studio Ghibli are revived with
Toast with a special glass of 45cm high~!
3 large pools open! Please enjoy a variety of events in cool summer!
Mini game&quiz rally, etc. A giant Pikachu comes up.During the summer vacation, Pikachu is waiting for you here everyday!
Ranked 1st in the National Illumination Ranking for 6 consecutive years!!Please enjoy the spectacular scenery made with flowers.
Super powerful in 1 hour! FireworksⅹLaserⅹMusic Entertainment Show!
1st in Kyushu! In golden hall, a real 'stone from Mars' is exhibited!
Dinosaurs on an uninhabited island? Super real AR shooting attraction is coming!
A palace of 20,000 D...
The beautiful flower palace is the highlight! Th...
Wally & Hallowen Car...
This autumn, look for Wally in Huis Ten Bosch!
The attraction and photo spot in which you can h...
No.1 Fireworks Conte...
The largest fireworks contest in west Japan with...
International Flower...
Space art of flowers presented by world's flower...
Gardening World Cup
World-class garden designers compete with each o...