It's the largest rose street in Japan and also in Asia.
20 people play the game at the same time on the world's hugest screen!
The 1st in Japan! A coaster attraction of 250m long and 11m high for single user.NEW OPEN on Mar. 1st!
VR X Motion Seat X Ride System
20M high! Super hammer game newly comes up!Hit with the hammer to get a high score!
No ticket!Shopping mall will open at the entrance!
a new kingdom is about to be born!
Rose Festival Specia...
A special day on which the gorgeous flowers bloo...
Dinosaurs on an uninhabited island? Super real A...
The most hydrangeas in Japan, up to 1,250 variet...
Total length of about 200m! The rainbow curtain ...
Lily Festival
The photo spot 'Lily Dress' made of fresh lilies...
4 large waterpark op...
The largest in Japan! It gets more various this ...
NO.1 Fireworks Conte...
The largest one in Kyushu! 'Design Fireworks' of...
Flower Canal
It's the longest in the world! The canal is fill...