Huis Ten Bosch Halloween
a new kingdom is about to be born!
Peerless beauty · the world’s first beautiful insect show
Are you a wine mania or a beer mania?
The Gift of Rain !Only on rainy day
The street with most beautiful night view in Japan
The live music performances from the world's top artists
Japan's 1st horror attraction newly comes up in Thrill City!
Rembrandt Exhibition
The world’s first!349 works get together in on...
International Flower...
The collection of world renowned artists’ work...
International Flower...
Who will be the world's No.1? Top desingers' fin...
Flower&Light Kingdom
World's largest 13 million balls!New entertainme...
Autumn Rose Festival
1,000 kinds of fragrant roses
2017 Miss Universe N...
The World's Top Beauty Pageant
Kurume . Sweets Fest...
Kyushu x Hokkaido
Count Down
Celebrate together with Japan's largest firework...
September 29, 2016
09:00 - 22:00
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