The only 4 varanus salvator in the world are exhibited!
World's largest 13 million balls!New entertainment starts!
The season you can enjoy both flower and illumination.
The gorgeous water show on the light and fountain canal starts at the same time with parade.
720,000 flowers open together.
Carnival of the whole city!Wear you mask to join!
A new storytelling theater that will absolutely make you cry.
4 facilities totaling ¥3,000 are free to use!
Spring Kyushu's Firs...
The biggest and more gorgeous fireworks contest ...
Let's celebrate the coming spring together.
Spring Music Festiva...
Top artists' live music show
Flower Japan Cup 201...
Floristry Contest that decides Japan's No.1 open...
World Fireworks Mast...
World's top fireworks masters get together in Ja...
Rose Festival
Asian's largest, Japan's rose city
Hydrangea Festival
Japan's largest varieties, up to 1,000 Hydrangea...
Water & Adventure Ki...
Come to play at
Large Lily Exhibitio...
Japan's largest exhibition with 300 varieties
In Japan's No.1 VR theme park,2 new VR attractio...
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