"Opening of Huis Ten Bosch and Huis Ten Bosch Official Hotels from July 1."
It's held only at Huis Ten Bosch! 100 works are exhibited, including about 30 works exhibited for the first time in Japan.
Experience a fantastic night world with shining illuminations on shining streets.
VR X Motion Seat X Ride System
20M high! Super hammer game newly comes up!Hit with the hammer to get a high score!
The 1st in Japan! A coaster attraction of 250m long and 11m high for single user.NEW OPEN on Mar. 1st!
No ticket!Shopping mall will open at the entrance!
a new kingdom is about to be born!
Summer Carnival
Cool exotic summer festival day and night!
European Summer Reso...
Let's relax and take a summer vacation.
Sunflower Field
Please enjoy the sunflowers in the European-style idyllic scenery.