Huis Ten Bosch Hotels

Proposal, birthday, wedding memorial,
Celebration of longevity,
Have a big anniversary for everyone
“A moving resort of flowers and light”
Would you like to spend time at Huis Ten Bosch Hotel?
For special dinners and gifts
I will help you.

Scene 01 To the big people
To propose

If you want to convey a special feeling
In an exceptional situation.
The sparkling streets of Europe,
Dinner at a classical hotel,
A proposal in an extraordinary space
It will surely be an unforgettable memory.

Scene 02 family's
for your birthday

A special day once a year
Have a special day with the whole family.
Play with all one's might
After enjoying delicious food,
In the restaurant, in the room,
How about a special party?

Scene 03 With a partner

Wedding anniversary
Go out with a little fashion.
Traveling around the city like traveling abroad,
Please enjoy your daily life together.
For wine at night,
Have a good time with only two people.

Scene 04 People's festivals
On a sunny day

Longevity celebrations such as 60th birthday,
Beginnings of children and grandchildren,
Celebration of graduation, adult celebration,
Until delivery and face-to-face
I will help you.

At the hotel restaurant
Have a special dinner

De Admiraal

At a restaurant full of dignity and elegance, you can enjoy a marriage of French cuisine made with seasonal ingredients and delicious sake.

A Coeur Ouvert

Enjoy a French-based Japanese and Western creative buffet at a restaurant overlooking the park, where you can enjoy carefully selected ingredients from all over Kyushu.


Enjoy the rich seafood of Nagasaki and the seasonal food with the Japanese cuisine prepared by the head of the dish, which was also provided to Emperor Naruhito.

Add flowers to the anniversary
Special gifts

  • Cake (fresh cream / chocolate)

    Have a special anniversary with a cake specially made by the hotel pastry chef.

    No. 4 (12 cm) ¥3,000
    No. 5 (15 cm) ¥4,500
    No. 6 (18 cm) ¥6,500

    * Reception: Until 16:00 3 days before your stay

  • flour

    A flower gift presented by the Hotel Flower Team, which also handles interior decoration.

    bouquet ¥3,300
    Flower basket ¥5,500

    * Reception: Until 7 days before your stay

  • fruits

    Please enjoy a number of carefully selected fruits.

    Assorted fruits (small) ¥3,600
    Assorted fruits (large) ¥6,000

    * Reception: Until 3 days before your stay

  • alcohol

    Have a toast with a special sake on a special day.

    Champagne 750ml ¥14,000
    Champagne 375ml ¥8,000
    Sparkling 750ml ¥7,000

    * Reception: Until 3 days before your stay

  • balloon decoration

    How about a fun balloon decoration for a surprise?


    * Reception: Until 14 days before your stay

  • flower decoration

    Would you like to make a special anniversary with gorgeous floral decorations?

    petal heart ¥22,000〜
    Petal walkway ¥33,000〜

    *The image is an additional option.
    * Reception: Until 14 days before your stay

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Cakes are also available on the web

*Please select your hotel

[cancellation charge]
Flowers, interior decorations: 14 days before - 50%, 5 days before - 100%
Cake, fruit…100% after 17:00 the day before

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