6 major Special Privilege

Special Privileges for Annual Pass Holders

Friend special discount

Up to 5 friends who enter with you will receive a 1,000 yen coupon that can be used at Shop in the venue for each 1 DAY Park Ticket

Free parking ticket will be presented next time!

The parking fee of 800 yen a day will be free the next time you visit.

For the parking ticket for the next use, present the Annual Pass Annual Pass member desk or the information (entrance / center) in the hall, and be parked by the time you return. Please redeem your free parking coupon.

* A "parking lot receipt" is always required. Please press the receipt button on the checkout machine.
* The next gift will be given only on weekdays only with the parking lot receipt.
* Additional charges may be incurred on special member rates. Please note.
* Members are requested to use the 1st and 2nd parking lots.
* When using on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, it is necessary to show the receipt for restaurants and shopping at the venue of 3,000 yen or more.

Various discount for shopping and gourmet!

10% off on-site restaurant
Natural hot spring "Gold and Hydrogen Hot Spring hot spring" 10% OFF
Goods also 5% OFF

Members can enjoy meals and shopping at even greater savings.

* Some restaurants are not eligible.

[Flower Road]
Flower Garden Café CAFFEST
[Adventure Park]
Adventure Park Deli & Cafe, Healthy Restaurant AURA- (excluding breakfast)
[Attraction Town]
Henn-na Restaurant ROBOT, MUSE DELI & CAFE, Cheese Waag 1F, Cheese Waag 2F, Sausage Waag, BBQ Terrace Corrida
[Art Garden]
Art Garden Café & Bar of Light
[Amsterdam City]
Former Residence ofMadame Chocolat, Amsterdam Garden Restaurant & Cafe, dam, Nijntje cafe, Mon Ami, GRAND CAFE, Cafe de Haven, KURAGE CREPE, Proost, CoCo
[Tower City]
Cafe dell plus, Pinoccio, Tottotto, Gokuu, Uoichi, Puccini, DE RODE LEEUW, Malmo Fisheries
[Harbor Town]
Bikken Bikken, Seafood Waag Dam, Hananoya, GRILL HOUSE YAKITORIHONDA
[Forest Villa]
[Hotel Amsterdam]
A Coeur Ouvert, A Coeur Ouvert cafe, oak lounge
[Hotel Europe]
De Admiraal, Kissuitei, Ebisu-za, anchor's lounge, Scheherazade, Rembrandt Salon

Free admission and use of target facilities

You can use the same functions as a 1 DAY Park Ticket is usually 7,000 yen for adults a day, all year round except for specific day

[Information on specific day
● 12/31

* All facilities can be used with a membership card

Hotel enhancement with accommodation Special Privilege

Special price accommodation, autograph check-in, late check-out, anniversary Special Privilege

In addition, there are plenty of Special Privilege such as check-in with just one sign and early check-in on Lucky Day.

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Wedding Special Privilege

We have a great wedding plan only for members.

○ Regular Special Privilege
[Member himself and his family (within second degree)]
* However, only if the member himself / herself contacts the bridal salon before making inquiries or visiting the museum.
* Membership number is required for Special Privilege

Easy admission with pre-booking

WEB registration available NOW!

* Please apply at least one week before your visit