Accommodation Privilege

Target hotels: Hotel Europe, Hotel Amsterdam, Forest Villa

Easy Check-in!

If you show your Annual Pass at check-in,
We will guide you smoothly just by signing without entering the address etc.
* During various campaigns and depending on the accommodation plan, you may be asked to enter the names of all the people in the room. note that.

Late check out at any time

For Annual Passport members, you will get late checkout until 1PM. (usually at 11AM)
Take your time and enjoy your extra hotel stay.

* Blackout dates: 2022 [March] 19-31 [April] 1, 2, 29-30 [May] January-7 [August] June 15, 20, 21
* Not applicable to "Hotel Amsterdam Club Floor"

Room Upgrade

If you stay hotel two weeks before or after your birthday or wedding anniversary, we are happy to either upgrade your room or offer you a special price for a suite. 

* This Privilege is available to members over the age of 18.
* If you are using the "anniversary Privilege", please let us know when you make a reservation.
* Blackout dates: 2022 [March] 19-31 [April] 1, 2, 29-30 [May] January-7 [August] June 15, 20, 21
* The Privilege of Hotel Amsterdam are Blackout dates fireworks dates.
* It may not be available depending on the reservation status. In addition, please note that if you make a reservation for the above room type in advance, we will not be able to refund or upgrade to a higher type.

○ Hotel Europe ranks up to Deluxe or European Designer Room Standard
○ Hotel Amsterdam is upgraded to a room with a view of the sea on the deluxe designer floor
○ Forest Villa is upgraded to Lake Island Villa

○ Hotel Europe Suite Room (Royal Suite / Maisonette Suite) 50% OFF

About rack rate

* 50% off from the rack rate.
* In Privilege, we also offer a great plan with up to 48% off the Royal Maisonette Suite.
* "Spa Suite" is not eligible for 50% off Suite.

Lucky day

On your Lucky Day, your check-in time is at 1 PM! (Usually at 3 PM) Make your trip more comfortable and productive!

* This Privilege is not applicable to preschool / junior members.

・ Please tell us Privilege" when you make a reservation.
・ Once set, "Lucky Day" cannot be changed after that.
・ If you have not registered "Lucky Day", please contact the member desk with the set date.
・ The period covered by Lucky Day is 2 weeks before and after.
・ Please let us know at least 5 days in advance when using the "anniversary" and "lucky day" Privilege
guests under the age of 18 are not eligible.
・ For "anniversary" and "lucky day" Privilege may set Blackout dates, exclusion plans, and exclusion room types.

Blackout dates
[March] 19-31 [April] January, February, 29-30 [May] January-7 [August] June 15, 20, 21

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