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  • Nagasaki citizens
  • Disabilities
AdultJuniorPreschoolerSeniorSenior 75
New 20,000 Yen15,000 yen12,000 yen15,000 yen10,000 yen
Updated from 2nd year onwards17,000 yen12,000 yen9,000 yen12,000 yen5,000 yen
AdultJuniorPreschoolerSeniorSenior 75
New 14,000 yen10,000 yen8,000 yen10,000 yen10,000 yen
Updated from 2nd year onwards14,000 yen10,000 yen8,000 yen10,000 yen5,000 yen
AdultJuniorPreschoolerSeniorSenior 75
New 10,000 yen7,500 yen6,000 yen7,500 yen5,000 yen
Updated from 2nd year onwards8,500 yen6,000 yen4,500 yen6,000 yen2,500 yen

【Important Notices】
・From February 1, 2024 (Thursday), Nagasaki prefecture resident fares will be revised, and from May 1, 2024 (Wednesday), general and disabled fares will be revised.
・If you live in Kyushu, the standard rate will apply from May 1st.
・In conjunction with the above revision, the student discount category will end and adult rates will apply from now on.

〇For those eligible for Nagasaki prefecture fee
If you already have Annual Pass and your renewal month is February or later, the renewal fee under the new fee structure will be automatically applied.

〇General public, residents of Kyushu, and those eligible for disability rates.
If you already have Annual Pass and your renewal month is after May, the renewal fee under the new fee structure will be automatically applied.

*Adults: 18 years old and older / Student discount: University and graduate students 18 years old and older, and those enrolled in vocational and various schools / Junior: Elementary school students to high school students / Preschoolers: 4 years old and below elementary school age / Seniors: 65 years old and above Under 75/Senior 75: Over 75
*Disabled fares can only be used by the person in question.


How to apply

About new membership application

・The month of joining will be when the payment is confirmed. Renewals will be made in accordance with the month of membership.
・If no payment is made within one month from the last day of the month in which you applied for membership, you will need to apply for membership again.
・On specific day set by our company (12/31, etc.), guests will be charged a special rate.
・For renewal procedures, direct debit is convenient.
・Please check the "Membership Terms and Conditions" regarding joining Huis Ten Bosch Annual Pass.

Membership Agreement (PDF)

Apply online

* You can purchase your Annual Pass time
Please check the "Membership Agreement" and apply from the WEB membership application button.
* Please apply at least one week before your visit.

Visit and apply

Apply before admission

Apply for membership at the member desk (Welcome Gate You can enjoy Privilege from the day of enrollment just by taking a photo for your membership card the spot.

[What to bring]
Identification card (identification and address verification)
If you are registered with Wells Sasebo, please be sure to bring your member's card. You will need it when you fill out the application form.

Apply on your way home

If you purchase 1 DAY Passport, you can enroll for the difference between the annual membership fee and the annual membership fee when you leave after entering the venue.

*Difference in membership is possible only during the validity period of the ticket.
*If you do not have a ticket for the day, we will not be able to refund the difference in price.
*Available only for new members. It cannot be used to pay renewal fees.

About update method

Annual Pass, we recommend payment by direct debit from the conventional payment at the member desk or the payment by the special transfer form at the convenience store.

Payment by direct debit

Please print the fund transfer request form from the WEB page, fill in the required parts, and submit it to the member desk.

* Regarding the account transfer request form, the member desk must arrive by the 20th, two months before the renewal month. Please note.

Payment by special transfer form

We will send you a special transfer form about 2 months before the renewal month.
If you lose the special transfer form, please fill out the renewal notice at the member desk. Please note.

Payment at the member desk

Please bring the special transfer form when you come to the venue and come to the member desk.

Payment at convenience stores

Please bring the special transfer form and transfer at the nearest convenience store.