Annual Pass fee

  • General price
  • 九州在住者限定価格
  • Nagasaki citizen fee
  • Persons with disabilities
AdultStudent discountSenior / JuniorPreschooler
New fee22,000 yen16,000 yen16,000 yen12,000 yen
2nd year update19,000 yen16,000 yen13,000 yen9,000 yen
3rd year update18,000 yen15,000 yen12,000 yen8,000 yen
Updated after 4th year17,000 yen14,000 yen11,000 yen-
AdultStudent discountSenior / JuniorPreschooler
New fee20,000 Yen15,000 yen15,000 yen12,000 yen
2nd year update17,000 yen14,000 yen12,000 yen9,000 yen
3rd year update16,000 yen13,000 yen11,000 yen8,000 yen
Updated after 4th year15,000 yen12,000 yen11,000 yen-


AdultStudent discountSenior / JuniorPreschooler
New fee19,000 yen14,000 yen14,000 yen12,000 yen
2nd year update16,000 yen13,000 yen11,000 yen9,000 yen
3rd year update15,000 yen12,000 yen10,000 yen8,000 yen
Updated after 4th year14,000 yen11,000 yen10,000 yen-
AdultSenior / JuniorPreschooler
New fee11,000 yen8,000 yen6,000 yen
2nd year update9,500 yen6,500 yen4,500 yen
3rd year update9,000 yen6,000 yen4,000yen
Updated after 4th year8,500 yen5,500 yen-

※大人:18歳以上/ 学割:18歳以上の大学生・大学院生および専門・各種学校に在学中の方/ シニア:65歳以上/ ジュニア:小学生~17歳/ 未就学児:4歳~小学生未満




・ The enrollment month will be the time when payment is confirmed. Renewal will be done according to the enrollment month.
・ If you do not make a payment for one month from the last day of the end of the month of application for membership, you will need to re-enroll.
specific day (12/31) set by our company guests will be notified at a special rate.
・ For renewal procedures, direct debit is convenient. (For those with direct debit, there Special Privilege
・ For Huis Ten Bosch Annual Pass, please refer to the "Membership Agreement".

Membership Agreement (PDF)

Apply online

* You can purchase your Annual Pass time
Please check the "Membership Agreement" and apply from the WEB membership application button.
* Please apply at least one week before your visit.
* We do not accept online enrollment for the New Adult Support Campaign.

Visit and apply

Apply before admission

Apply for membership at the member desk (Welcome Gate You can enjoy Special Privilege from the day of enrollment just by taking a photo for your membership card the spot.

[What to bring]
Identification card (identification and address verification)
If you are registered with Wells Sasebo, please be sure to bring your member's card. You will need it when you fill out the application form.

Apply on your way home

You can enroll with the amount after deducting the admission fee on the day.

For example, if you purchase a 1-day passport for adults of 7,000 yen, you can enroll with a regular annual membership fee of 22,000 yen-the admission fee of 7,000 yen on the day = a difference of 15,000 yen when you return after admission.

* The next day's 1 DAY Park Ticket will not be eligible for the difference.
* The difference enrollment is possible only during the valid period of the ticket.
* If you do not bring the ticket for the day, we will not be able to handle the difference.