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Bring-Friends Coupon

If your friend (up to 5) bought a 1 Day Passport at the ticket window, he/she(they) will be able to receive a 1,000 yen coupon (per person) which is available for foods, beverages, and merchandises in the venue! 


Complimentary Parking

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Food & Beverage: 10% Off
HTB Natural Hot Spring: 10% Off
Merchandise: 5% Off

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アドベンチャーパーク デリ&カフェ、健康レストラン オーラ -AURA-
ペッパーランチ、MUSE DELI&CAFE、チーズワーフ 1F、チーズワーフ 2F、ソーセージワーフ、BBQテラス コリーダ
ショコラ夫人の旧邸、アムステルダム ガーデンレストラン&カフェ、ダム、ナインチェカフェ、グランキャフェ、カフェ ド ハーフェン、KURAGE CREPE、Proost、CoCo
カフェデリ プリュ、ピノキオ、とっとっと、悟空、魚壱、エルマーソ、ロード・レーウ、マルモ水産
ビッケンビッケン、花の家、GRILL HOUSE YAKITORIHONDA、パイレーツバーガーショップ、ベイサイドキッチン、レッドロブスター ハウステンボス店
デ アドミラル、吉翠亭、戎座、アンカーズラウンジ、シェヘラザード、レンブラントサロン
ア クールベール、ア クールベール カフェ、オークラウンジ
レストラン ラヴァンドル

[Welcome area]
Linda, Schiphol, BEST 3, Entrance Information, Nyan Rohde Castle
[Attraction Town]
Vondel, Castella Castle, Chocolate House (Shop), HAPPY POPCORN, Cheese Waag
[Art Garden]
Rose de Marche
[Amsterdam City]
Angelique, LOGO, Cute, The Castle of Cheese, Tante Annie, The Castle of Sweets, The Castle of Kyushu, The Castle of Wine, Vidro, Souvenir, Holland House, Nijntje
[Harbor Town]
Anchors Lounge Shop, Sea Breeze, Palace Shop, Castelo de Seafood and Porcelain, Pirates Shop
[Hotel Okura Jr Huis Ten Bosch] * Purchases of 5,000 yen (tax included) or more
Le Bon Marché de Laforet, Siler, Pâtisseríe Shunka Kobo

Free Admission, Free Experience!

Free Admission and Experience at Huis Ten Bosch for a year around! 

[Subject to Blackout Date]
● December 31

* Most of the rides, facilities, and museums are available with your annual pass.  

Hotel Accommodation Benefits

Special saving plans, Late check-out, Anniversary Privileges and more!

With your annual passport, Easy Check-in , Early Check-in, and more exclusive offers!

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Wedding Special Privilege

We have a great wedding plan only for HTB Annual Pass members.

○ Regular Privilege
Subject to Member themselves and their family (within second degree)
* Members have to make a contact to the wedding salon prior to either visiting or inquiring.
* Membership number is required for this Privilege.

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* Please apply at least one week before your visit