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At Huis Ten Bosch, we consider the physical and mental health of our host crew to be an important management issue, and have established the Health Management Declaration to further promote strategic health management. We have systematized efforts and activities related to host crew health and are actively promoting health management.

Huis Ten Bosch
Health Management Declaration

Huis Ten Bosch Our purpose is to provide an ideal space where you can return to your true self and think, ``Wow, it's wonderful to be alive.'' A working environment where each host crew member can work healthy, energetically, and happily every day. Arrange. In addition, the host crew themselves recognize that protecting the mental and physical health of the host crew is extremely important for the happiness of all stakeholders, and we declare that we will work as one to promote health management. .

Organizational structure

The representative director serves as the chief health management officer, and the head of the management division serves as the health management promotion officer, leading the way in health management. Within the company, the health promotion department plays a central role, collaborating with the Japan Health Insurance Association, industrial physicians, and the health management promotion committee (who also serves as the health and safety committee) to promote the health of host crew members.

Priority Issues Initiatives

As stated in the Huis Ten Huis Ten Bosch Health Management Declaration, we are creating a work environment where each host crew member can be healthy, lively, and enjoy working every day. We will focus our efforts on ``exercise,'' ``sleep,'' and ``cessation of smoking'' as priority issues.

Aggregated data of health checkup interviews

Item/FY 2019 2020 2021 2022
①Exercise with a light sweat for at least 30 minutes at a time
2 or more times a week
8.5 12.7 12.1 11.8
②Walking in daily life,
or equivalent physical activity for at least 1 time per day
25.4 26.9 34.8 31.4
(3) Sufficient sleep and rest 31.8 39.0 22.8 31.2
④ habitually smokes 30.1 33.6 28.1 25.6


  1. We aim to increase the number of host crew members who use the Nagasaki Health Promotion App to make exercise a habit.
  2. In the office, we will use a balance ball instead of a chair and recommend it as an exercise that is easy to work on to strengthen the core and build physical strength.
  3. Recreational activities such as bowling competitions organized by the labor union are positioned as part of physical fitness development and are promoted jointly.


  1. Our company is comprised of people from a variety of industries, and our working time are irregular, making it difficult to get regular sleep. Even under such circumstances, we are introducing web videos, etc. to increase the percentage of host crew members who are getting enough rest through sleep.

no smoking

  1. We are raising awareness by introducing "World No Tobacco Day" by putting up posters, etc., and introducing non-smoking outpatient clinics. Based on the results of the "Smoking Questionnaire" conducted in fiscal 2022, we will support even one smoker who has shown interest in the smoking cessation program to quit smoking.


Thorough implementation of regular health checkups and health guidance

  1. Maintain a 100% attendance rate for regular health checkups.
  2. As a result of regular health checkups, we encourage all host crew members who require thorough examinations or medical care to undergo medical examinations and monitor their situation.
  3. In cooperation with the Japan Health Insurance Association, we provide specific health guidance within the company.

Manager education

  1. We provide training on harassment for the mental and physical health of subordinates and managers themselves.

Protecting the health of elderly staff

  1. We provide health information and consultation to host crew members aged 65 and over to prevent locomotive syndrome.

Protecting the health of female employees

  1. Along with physical examinations, cervical cancer and breast cancer examinations are conducted in-house, and the costs are fully subsidized.
  2. We are raising awareness by setting up breast cancer self-check models at health checkup venues.
  3. We have set up web videos for women, introductions to medical institutions (gynecology), and consultation desks.

Try to improve your eating habits

  1. We provide healthy menus and sell FOSHU beverages at the employee cafeteria.
  2. We conduct surveys on food on an irregular basis and reflect them in menu improvements, etc.

Conducting stress checks

  1. We are increasing the test-taking rate by repeatedly encouraging superiors to take the test for all host crew members.
  2. Industrial physicians provide feedback on the results of stress checks to managers, encouraging them to make workplace improvements.
  3. For those who are under high stress, we encourage them to have an interview with an industrial physician.

health consultation

  1. We are adjusting interview applicants according to the occupation of industrial physicians.
  2. When the industrial physician is not available, we provide health consultations with public health nurses, and in the event of an emergency, we encourage employees to visit a medical institution or refer them to an industrial physician at a later date.

Support for returning to work

  1. We give priority to the opinion of the attending physician, and support a smooth return to work while coordinating with the employee, industrial physician, workplace, and human resources.
  2. Even after returning to work, we conduct regular interviews and provide ongoing follow-up so that host crew members can work with peace of mind.

Infectious disease control

  1. Special leave was taken and mask purchasing expenses were subsidized on days of corona vaccination or when feeling unwell due to side effects (up to transition to category 5).
  2. For influenza vaccinations, host crew members (excluding part-time workers) are fully subsidized for the cost of the vaccination, and are given the option of group vaccination or individual vaccination.

In-house training

  1. We are preparing web videos such as stress, exercise, diet, sleep, and content specialized for women.
  2. The first aid training course is aimed at all host crew members, and the goal is for each host crew member to be able to save lives with confidence and awareness.

Dealing with time overtime workers

  1. We monitor people who work time, and conduct interviews with industrial physicians for host crew members who require interviews other than those required by law.

Company event

  1. We offer one-day bus tours for the purpose of socializing and interacting with new employees.
  2. The labor union plans events such as bowling tournaments and baseball viewing tours to encourage interaction among host crew members.

community service

  1. We are cleaning up the shoulders of public roads around Huis Ten Bosch.
  2. We also actively participate in community events and volunteer activities.

Performance data over time

Item/FY 2019 2020 2021 2022
Average length of service 12.2 10.2 10.6
Health checkup rate 99.6 99.7 100.0 100.0
Presence rate 36.9 41.2 37.6 30.2
Thorough examination participation rate 31.3 10.2 23.0 43.1
Appropriate weight maintenance rate 63.7 69.6 62.4 61.2
smoking rate 30.1 33.6 28.1 25.6
Regular exercise rate: exercising for 30 minutes or more twice a week 8.5 12.7 12.1 11.8
Stress check participation rate 85.1 95.4 89.8 94.0
Number of people with high stress 12.6 11.6 14.6 15.4

Initiatives for health investment