~The significance of existence of Huis Ten Bosch ~ HUIS TEN BOSCH's Purpose

my original
Go back to being yourself,
Ah, it's wonderful to be alive.
An ideal space to think about

Let's imagine.
Why do people travel?

I want to see beautiful scenery and eat delicious food.
I want to re-examine myself I want to share my excitement

There are various reasons for this. By experiencing the extraordinary,
Freed from the constraints and ruts of everyday life
I want to regain my sense of self.

Huis Ten Bosch Our purpose
I wish I could go back to my original state, oh, how wonderful it is to be alive.
An ideal space that makes you think so.

We, Huis Huis Ten Bosch,
In order to realize such a big ideal, we will start moving.

The more I enjoy this world, the more
One day you will become more attractive.

The reason why we are planting one million flowers is not just to create a beautiful scenery.
We are creating an emotional entrance.

The best illumination in Japan is to make you realize, ``My life is special!''
This world-class stage show is meant to make you feel, ``My life is gorgeous!''
Our heartfelt hospitality is meant to make you think, ``My life is full of love!''
The townscape has been certified by the royal family. There is also an Yuga cruising restaurant.

Every moment is meant to enrich your life.
Yes, this is a city where you can become even more wonderful than you were yesterday.
We will deliver the highest level of emotion and excitement to brighten your life.

Purpose is Huis Ten Bosch 's reason for existence, Huis Ten Bosch
It stipulates “why do we exist in society?”

Mission of Huis Ten Bosch

As a company, Huis Ten Bosch Huis Ten Bosch promises to all stakeholders what it will do to realize its purpose.

To all stakeholders including the environment
I want to be sincere, and I want to be happy together

Since its opening, Huis Ten Bosch has adopted techniques for coexisting with nature.
Considering harmony with the surrounding nature as the top priority, we planted 400,000 trees and changed the seashore into ecologically friendly masonry revetments.
In order not to pollute the canal and the sea, sewage generated in the park is purified with an in-house advanced sewage treatment system.
I made a cycle to reduce to nature.
The bricks laid on the grounds demonstrate the hydrophilicity of rainwater,
A lot of the electricity used for the production is partly covered by our own energy system.

Be honest with the environment and be happy together.
This is one of the identities that Huis Ten Bosch wants to cherish until now and in the future.

Code of conduct for host crew working at Huis Ten Bosch,
Values I want to cherish

How can each host crew member working at Huis Huis Ten Bosch realize their purpose and mission? These are the host crew's behavioral guidelines and five values that we value.

Commitment to safety and security

Safety and security are essential for Huis Ten Bosch. In order for Huis Ten Bosch to continue to exist, we give top priority to safety and security.

stay honest

In order to earn trust, we must be sincere in everything we do. We act with integrity and pride.

thank and respect

Appreciation and respect must be cherished in order to improve the quality of the relationship. We value connections with people and respect the diversity of each person. Together, we will create results that cannot be achieved by one person alone, and create a better future.

think and act

The key to having a rewarding job is to think and act on your own. We aim to achieve self-fulfillment through work by demonstrating creativity by thinking about what we are for, and acting proactively with conviction.

continue to challenge and grow

In order to create new value, it is necessary to evolve in line with the changing times. We are never satisfied with the status quo and take on challenges without fear of failure. Even if we fail, we learn from the challenges and continue to grow.