When I became president on May 21, 2019, I told everyone, including the staff, that I wanted to create the most environmentally friendly theme park in Japan. In the background, Huis Ten Bosch has a history of working as a city that considers the natural environment, even before the word SDGs was invented, with the concept of "coexistence of ecology and economy" since its founding.

In order to realize "coexistence of ecology and economy", we not only improved the soil but also improved the waterside with bricks and lumber so that the ecosystem can be restored. We have also adopted infrastructure equipment such as a cogeneration system for energy supply, a water environment that uses gray water for watering plants and flushing toilets, composting kitchen waste, and utility tunnels to take into consideration the landscape of the townscape. We have also played a role in conveying this by holding environmental symposiums and participating in environmental exhibitions at Huis Ten Bosch.

Currently, we are conducting SDGs lectures and environmental facility tours using the initiatives ahead of the times as the subject of environmental learning. In addition, we have introduced an EV bus, which I told you when I took office as president, and we are using it for transportation between Park Bus and the airport and the hotel.
In 2022, we value cooperation with everyone in the area, such as holding an coming-of-age ceremony at Huis Ten Huis Ten Bosch in cooperation with Sasebo City in addition to environmental aspects.

The tourism industry is a wonderful industry worthy of revitalizing people's minds. By collaborating with local residents on these SDGs initiatives, we aim to achieve sustainable growth as a company and contribute to the development of the tourism industry.

Chairman and Executive Officer Sakaguchi Katsuhiko