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HUIS TEN BOSCH Visitor guide

Rules and manners

Huis Ten Bosch Facility Terms of Use

Scope of application

Article 1

These terms and conditions apply to Huis Ten Bosch (including both the theme park zone and harbor zone) and their ancillary facilities (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Park") operated by Huis Ten Bosch Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). This applies to guests who use ``.'').

Admission passport

Article 2

  1. A passport is required to enter the theme park zone. We may ask you to check the passport you used to enter the theme park zone.
  2. If you wish to enter the Harbor Zone on fireworks days or other days designated by the Company, you will be charged a Harbor Zone admission fee.
  3. For information on how to handle passports (details of ticket types, prices, handling dates, etc.) and Harbor Zone admission fees (prices, applicable dates), please visit Huis Ten Bosch Ten Bosch official website (hereinafter referred to as the "Official Website"), etc. I will guide you.
  4. The conditions for establishing a sales contract regarding passports, payment methods, delivery methods, refund conditions, etc. are subject to the sales conditions established by each vendor.
  5. If it is confirmed that a passport has been illegally resold for commercial purposes, it will be considered a violation of these Terms and Conditions and the terms of use of our online ticket purchasing service, and the ticket and all items purchased by the person involved in the illegal resale will be Tickets (regardless of whether they are for resale or not) will be invalidated. In this case, you will not be able to enter the paid zone with the relevant ticket or invalid passport, and we will not be able to provide compensation such as refunds in this regard.
  6. Notes on using the park

    Article 3

    • When using the park, guests must comply with these terms and conditions, as well as the precautions displayed at each facility and service, and requests from our company and our employees (hereinafter referred to as "host crew"). .

    Information on facilities etc.

    Article 4

    • The terms of use and business content for each facility and service will be announced on displays at each location, on the official website, and on the Huis Ten Bosch official app.
    • Terms of use and business content for each facility and service are subject to change without notice.
    • To use some facilities and services, you will need to use the Huis Ten Bosch official app, register in advance at the facility, make a reservation on the official website, and make advance payment by credit card.
      Additionally, there are some facilities and services within the park that are not available for reception on the day of admission.
    • The payment methods available vary depending on the facility or service.
    • Communication charges for installing and viewing Huis Ten Bosch official app will be borne by guests.

    Regarding operating days and time of each facility

    Article 5

    • Please check the official website and Huis Ten Bosch official app for operating dates, operating time, and suspension information for each facility. This information is subject to change without notice.
    • Operating time of each facility vary depending on the facility.

    About entering the park

    Article 6

    Depending on how crowded the park is, we may restrict guests entry. In this case, guests who do not have Park Ticket that guarantees admission, such as a date ticket (however, even if you have such Park Ticket, you may not be able to enter due to restrictions on the number of admissions stipulated in Article 12). cannot enter.

    Even if guests make reservations or pre-registration for hotels, restaurants, services, etc. within the park in advance, admission to the park is not guaranteed. Please prepare a separate Park Ticket that guarantees admission, such as a date ticket.

    If you wish to re-enter the theme park zone on the same day, you will need a passport and re-entry stamp.

    Prohibited act

    Article 7

    • When using the Park, guests must not engage in the following acts. In addition, violations of this section shall be determined by the Company in a reasonable manner based on reasonable grounds.
      1. Acts that cause inconvenience to other guests, acts that interfere with the business or operation of the park and facilities, and acts that may be likely to do so (including, but not limited to, the following acts).
        ※Concrete example
        • Unauthorized entry and unauthorized use, forgery or alteration of admission passports (including only part of park tickets such as two-dimensional codes)
        • Unauthorized use of credit cards, electronic money, etc.
        • Damage to facility equipment, decorations, etc.
        • Disturbing or violent behavior towards host crew members
        • Use of Park Ticket obtained through illegal resale as stipulated in Article 2, Paragraph 5.
        • Transfer of tickets (including only a portion of various tickets such as two-dimensional codes) and the right to use Attractions, amusement facilities, museum facilities, and services (including entry reception and advance reservations), etc. between guests.・Exchanges, etc. and related money transfers
        • Sale and display of goods, etc. and provision of services
        • Commercial activities (unless permitted by our company)
        • Purchasing products for resale purposes
        • Distribution of flyers, etc.
        • Gatherings, speeches, events, performances
        • Shooting for commercial purposes, shooting in locations where the company restricts shooting, shooting at rehearsals, etc. other than the actual show.
        • Photography and public transmission that may cause inconvenience to other guests
        • Using photographic auxiliary equipment such as monopods, tripods, selfie sticks, etc. in a manner that may cause inconvenience to other guests.
        • Dangerous acts such as running in the park
        • Smoking outside smoking areas
        • Climbing or hanging from decorations or fences, etc.
        • Feeding or touching wild birds or other animals (excluding feeding experiences)
        • If you are under the influence of alcohol, use rental bicycles, electric carts, Sky Castle, Shooting Star, or other Attractions within the park that are prohibited by our company while under the influence of alcohol.
        • Photographing in wedding costumes or clothing that resembles or can be mistaken for wedding costumes (cocktail dresses, etc.)
        • Photographing and talking with performers who are preparing for a performance or who are on the move
        • Acts that violate the terms of use established by the Company for each Attractions facility (prohibition of bringing in food and drink, prohibition of photography, prohibition of use of mobile phones, etc.)
        • Entrance without clothing, excessive exposure of skin, or wearing special clothing without prior permission
        • Acts that cause inconvenience to other guests (dangerous acts, cutting in, joining the line)
      2. Acts that infringe or may infringe on the copyrights, trademark rights, other intellectual property rights, property rights, trade secrets, privacy, portrait rights, or other rights of other guests, third parties, our company, or host crew.
      3. Acts that violate or are likely to violate laws and regulations or public order and morals.
    • The following items are prohibited from being brought into the park. In addition, violations of this section shall be determined by the Company in a reasonable manner based on reasonable grounds.
      • Knives, explosives, and items commonly referred to as dangerous items (including counterfeit items), items that may harm other guests.
        (Knives, firearms, model guns, airsoft guns, pepper sprays, stun guns, flammable liquids, explosives, high-pressure gas, poisonous substances, combustible materials, radioactive materials, and other hazardous materials that may cause explosion, ignition, or toxic gas) (including some)"
      • Vehicles (including bicycles, kickboards, skateboards such as lipstick, roller skates, etc.) drones, radio-controlled machines, radios, etc.
      • Alcoholic beverages
      • can, bottle
      • Food you bring with you (unless you have dietary restrictions such as food allergies). Please note that you can eat and drink at the picnic area near the welcome gate (immigration).
      • Pets and animals (excluding assistance dogs). Please note that you may be accompanied if we approve your entry and you sign a pledge upon entry.
        *Pets that can be accompanied are either dogs or cats. At the time of admission, if you sign and agree to the ` Huis Ten Bosch Pet (Dog/Cat) Accompanying Admission Terms and Conditions'', you will be able to enter with your companion. No other pets or animals (excluding assistance dogs) are permitted. "
      • Play equipment such as bats, balls, frisbees, badminton, etc.
      • Handheld microphones (Group tour guides may bring their own. However, please refrain from using them inside the park if it causes inconvenience to guests or interferes with the performance.)
      • Other items that may interfere with the business or operation of the park and its related facilities or cause inconvenience to other guests.

    Other notes

    Article 8

    Please observe the following regarding cosplay-related matters, photography-related matters, and other precautions.

    Refusal of entry/exit, etc.

    Article 9

    In the following cases, the Company may refuse entry to the park, ask guests to leave, invalidate Park Ticket, refuse the use of Attractions, entertainment programs, facilities and services, or refuse the customer's future use of the park. We will refuse any transactions with you (including, but not limited to, purchasing Park Ticket, entering the park, purchasing products and services, and joining membership systems) and entering our premises. There may be cases. (Hereinafter, these will be collectively referred to as "Company Response.") Violations of this article shall be determined by the Company in a rational manner based on rational grounds.

    1. When the prohibited acts specified in the preceding article occur.
    2. When you fail to comply with the precautions displayed at each facility or service or requests from the host crew.
    3. When you violate these terms and conditions
    4. When guests falls under any of the following reasons:
      1. ① Organized crime groups, members of organized crime groups, persons who have ceased to be members of organized crime groups for less than five years, semi-members of organized crime groups, people associated with organized crime groups, racketeers, and other anti-social forces (hereinafter referred to as "organized groups, etc.")
      2. ② Corporations and other organizations whose business activities are controlled by organized crime groups, etc., or their members
      3. ③ A corporation or its members whose officers are members of organized crime groups, etc.

    Security inspection

    Article 10

    • When entering or re-entering the park, guests may undergo a baggage check, clothing check, and security check using metal detectors (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "security check") as determined by our company. there is.
    • If guests does not comply with the security inspection described in the preceding paragraph, we will refuse entry to the park or bring baggage.
    • Baggage may be checked inside the park for security purposes.
    • If guests clothing (including shoes) falls under any of the following items, you may be refused entry or asked to leave.
      • Items that may provoke other guests or cause trouble to other guests.
      • something that drags the ground
      • Exposed tattoos with objectionable words or designs
      • Clothes that can be mistaken for characters or cast members
      • Acts of advertising for commercial purposes
      • Not wearing clothing, excessively exposing skin, or wearing special clothing without prior permission
      • Clothing that violates our company's rules regarding cosplay

    Handling of personal information

    Article 11

    • We manage guests personal information obtained through park operations in accordance with our privacy policy.
    • Inside the park, we may take photos of each facility, program, etc. In that case, guests may be the subject of the photograph. In addition, photographed materials may be used for news reports, advertising, promotions, sales products, etc.
    • Surveillance cameras are installed within the park for security purposes. In accordance with our company's regulations, images and videos taken by such surveillance cameras will be strictly managed and deleted after a certain period of time.
    • Photos and videos taken by guests inside the park may only be used for personal purposes and as long as they do not cause inconvenience to other guests.
    • If you wish to take photos or videos of the host crew (excluding show and parade performers), please obtain consent from the host crew in advance.

    Regarding park suspension, closure, etc.

    Article 12

    In the event of any of the following events, the Company may, without prior notice to guests, cancel, suspend, or modify all or part of the Park, change the operation time (e.g., shorten it), limit the number of visitors, or temporarily close the Park for any period necessary.

    1. When performing maintenance of each facility equipment for safety, technical or system reasons.
    2. If park operations become difficult due to natural disasters, fire, power outages (including planned power outages), suspension of transportation, etc.
    3. If the operation of the park becomes difficult due to reasons not attributable to the Company, such as the spread of infectious diseases, requests from administrative agencies to reduce or cancel business operations, or other administrative guidance.
    4. In other cases where the Company determines that an event similar to the preceding items has occurred.

    In the event that guests suffers damage due to the preceding paragraph, the Company shall not be held responsible, except in cases where compensation obligations arise based on laws and regulations.

    Our responsibility and liability

    Article 13

    • If the Company causes damage to guests due to reasons attributable to the Company during the guests 's use of the park, the Company shall be responsible for compensating the damage to the extent excluding special damages and lost profits. However, this does not apply if damage is caused to guests due to our intention or gross negligence.
    • Our company cannot be held responsible for accidents caused by guests carelessness or troubles between guests, except in cases where compensation obligations arise based on laws and regulations. guests are responsible for managing their valuables and baggage. Please be especially careful when using strollers or rental bicycles.
    • Due to the operational status of the park or bad weather, the operation contents, operation time, operating time, usage methods, and viewing methods of Attractions, Shop, shops, restaurants, entertainment programs, services, etc. may be changed, canceled, or shortened without prior notice. there is.
    • Products, restaurant menus and various services are subject to change without notice. In addition, products may be out of stock, sales may be terminated or temporarily discontinued, or the number of sales may be limited depending on stock status. Restaurant menus and various services may be discontinued or temporarily discontinued depending on operational conditions, etc.
    • The Company shall not be responsible for any damage caused to guests in the case of the preceding two paragraphs. In this case, we will not refund the purchase price of Park Ticket, etc. or the admission fee, or compensate for any other expenses paid by guests.
    • Even if the guests guests a result of the Company's response set forth in Article 9 or the application of the measures set forth in Article 10, the Company and its affiliated companies shall not be liable unless there is a reason attributable to the Company or its affiliated companies. shall not be liable to you. In this case, we will not refund the purchase price of Park Ticket, etc., or compensate you for any expenses paid by guests.

    guests responsibility

    Article 14

    If guests 's intention or negligence, guests will be required to compensate the company for the damage.

    Rights such as copyright

    Article 15

    All rights, including ownership and copyright, of information such as leaflets that we provide to guests when using the park shall belong to our company. However, any rights that belong to a third party included in these shall continue to belong to the third party.


    Article 16

    In the event that a dispute arises between guests and the Company regarding these terms and conditions, the Nagasaki District Court or the Sasebo Summary Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.

    Regarding changes to terms and conditions

    Article 17

    In accordance Park Ticket Civil Code 548. Based on the provisions of Article 4, we may change these terms and conditions at any time, and if we make changes, we will post them to guests on our official website.

    that's all
    Established October 1, 2023

Huis Ten Bosch (please be sure to read)

Cosplay related

  • Please manage your luggage and valuables by yourself. Please note that we are not responsible for any loss or theft.
  • When entering or leaving Japan, please bring your products (props, etc.) and masks (headgear, etc.) as luggage without exposing / wearing them.
  • Please refrain from moving in costumes that cannot be safely moved by yourself.
  • The product is about the same size as the person himself, and please enjoy it on a scale that can be handled by one person.
  • We are not responsible for any damage or accidents to the product.
  • Carry products that appear to be dangerous goods (firearms and cutlery) without exposing them except for shooting.
  • Hotels, Shop and some facilities cannot be admitted. Canal boats, buses and taxis are available. * 1
  • Attractions safety reasons, we may ask you to undress some of your costumes and accessories during the attraction experience.
  • We do not accept costumes for existing occupations such as staff, police officers, firefighters, doctors, wedding costumes, and clothing that is similar to or misidentified as wedding costumes (cocktail dresses, etc.). * 2
  • Please refrain from cosplaying near the wedding venue time the wedding ceremony.
  • Costumes that are offensive to public order and morals, such as extremely exposed, and costumes that violate public obscenity are not permitted.
  • Bringing in items that may disturb guests, such as radios, dangerous goods, and vehicles (including kickboards, etc.), is prohibited.

Shooting related

  • Huis Ten Bosch is not responsible for the publication or announcement of the photos and videos taken.
  • Prior confirmation and permission are required to take photos and videos for the purpose of profits, sales promotion, sales, and coverage of companies, organizations, and individuals.
  • Huis Ten Bosch is recognized as the background, a shooting fee will be charged to us.
  • Please refrain from taking pictures in a state where other guests are reflected or in a state where Huis Ten Bosch
  • It may appear in the photos of guests Huis Ten Bosch cannot handle this.
  • For a given location, a large number of people or long-time occupation and the shooting of using a large-scale equipment other guests Please be considerate to.


  • From June 1, 2023, we will refuse all food gifts (including drinks) from outside Huis Ten Bosch to performers who are performing performance activities. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by delivery or when leaving it with the staff at Huis Ten Bosch venue.
  • Food and drinks cannot be brought into the park. In addition, smoking is only allowed in designated areas.
  • Please refrain from changing clothes or making up in public facilities, toilets, coin lockers.
  • Do not enter places that are off limits, such as ropes, fences, or signboards, or places that are generally out of reach.
  • If the facility is soiled (blood glue, etc.), damaged guests, the parties will be held responsible.
  • All harassment is prohibited. You may be asked to leave.
  • Inconvenience from general guests also expected. Please be careful about your own defense and consult with the staff nearby.
  • If you are traveling with children, please be careful not to take your eyes off the children.
  • In addition, please follow the staff's instructions for your enjoyment.
  • * 1 enter the store can not be a restaurant "De Admiraal", "Kissuitei", "Ebisu-za", "Anchor's Lounge", "Trottiner", "A Coeur Ouvert", "Scheherazade," "Oak Lounge". Hotel accommodation guests available only. Please refrain from taking pictures outside the hotel rooms.
  • * 2 It may be permitted depending on the event date. Please use it within the scope of cosplay shooting, not the original usage.