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A dreamy different world.

A place where you can become better than you were yesterday.
Spend a dream-like time,
by placing yourself in the scene you have longed for,
your life will start to shine even more.

Boasting overwhelming scale and quality attractions.

From impressive indoor attractions to beautiful rides and fun activities in nature. A lot of emotion and excitement awaits you.

No matter the season, the park is always gorgeous and worth the visit.

Seasonal Event

We hold seasonal events throughout the year, such as flower festivals and Christmas. No matter when you visit, you'll find new attractions and ways to enjoy yourself.

Full of color and sparkle throughout the year

City of Light

Huis Ten Bosch is decorated with seasonal flowers during the day and the world's largest illuminations at night. There are many great photo spots inside the park.

Makes you feel like you're visiting a foreign country

European Cityscape

The cityscape, with its brick buildings and cobblestone sidewalks, is reminiscent of medieval Europe. Palace Huis Ten Bosch, the official palace of the Dutch Royal Family, also has an elegant appearance.

You can only meet them here! Huis Ten Bosch Characters.

The flower fairy "Tuly" and the teddy bears "Luke & Luna" welcome guests every day.

Quality and Authentic Entertainment.

Shows are held at various locations within the park, including the large theater and outdoor stages. We will deliver you an extraordinary experience.

Five Official Hotels 
in a large park

Our five hotels, each with a different concept, promise a memorable hotel stay.

Make your heart flutter.
Many exquisite gourmet dishes.

The hotel restaurants and on-site eateries are stocked with exquisite dishes. Collaboration menus with characters are also popular.

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