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HUIS TEN BOSCH Visitor guide

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You can check today's park information.

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Facilities that require numbered tickets

In order to alleviate congestion, we will distribute numbered tickets that allow you to specify the date and time. Please note that it will end as soon as the numbered tickets are gone.

Daily distribution target facilities
・ Only those who have a numbered ticket can use it.
[Welcome Area/ Tower City Platform 11:45-16:50] Gondola
[Harbor Town 9:00-15:20] Jurassic Island

Due to the renewal of Premium Ticket Privilege, numbered ticket distribution for facilities eligible for distribution specific day has ended on May 31, 2023.
*Numbered tickets for facilities that are distributed daily (Gondola, Jurassic Island) will continue after June 1st.

guests who want a numbered ticket (please be sure to read)

  • Only the representative can receive it.
    * When issuing a numbered ticket at the facility reception, please be sure to show the passports for the number of users.
  • It can be used only at the facility where you received it.
  • Pick-up is limited to once a day at each facility. (Jurassic Island can be used multiple times)
  • Each ticket can be used once per person.
  • It will be valid only at the designated time on the day.
  • If it is lost, it will be invalidated. (Reissue tickets cannot be issued.)
  • Please refrain from transferring to other guests
  • Operation may be suspended due to system troubles, bad weather, etc. (Sorry, the numbered ticket time
  • Please refrain from changing or canceling the number of people / time after receiving the item.
  • guests who do not meet the usage restrictions are not allowed to use the numbered ticket for safety reasons, even if they have a numbered ticket. (Please check the usage restrictions in advance.)
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