Applause for this year.
Hope for the new year.

This event has ended

Thank you for coming.
When you return, the surrounding roads will be crowded, so please use the detour.

\ Notice & traffic information is being delivered! /

Information on detours

+ Take a closer look at the detours that expand the map

Enjoy the fireworks safely and securely,
 We will thoroughly implement epidemic prevention measures.

* A special admission passport is required on December 31st.
* The Countdown Park Ticket does not include the special bleachers for live performances and fireworks.
* As a measure to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, admission may be restricted depending on the situation if the venue is crowded with a large number of visitors.

\ Visit Privilege /

* Distribution location: Near the Wellcome Gate


Japan's largest
Countdown fireworks

At the moment of New Year's Eve, a beautiful fireworks full of hope with a total of 8,000 launches
It launches to fill the night sky and brightly colors the New Year.

Special Live

Live concerts by popular artists.
Everyone is cheerful and cheerful
We will deliver performance.

Hirahara Ayaka


Haji →



You can enjoy live concerts at home!
Online delivery tickets
Now on sale!

Park open time 
Until 2:00AM

Enjoy HTB, restaurants, park attractions, shopping, and event, as much as you want!

Simultaneous events

2021.12.27 mon ~ 2022.2.25 fri.

It's like winter Europe.
A silver-white fantasy world that travels with a loved one.

To enjoy live performances and fireworks
What I want you to protect

Open Venue

Admission with plenty of time

Enter early and take your time to launch.

Use Sanitizer

Alcohol disinfectant is always available at the entrance.

■ Each opening time

Rotterdam venue / 17: 00 ~ 
Venue in front of Watermark Hotel / 23: 00 ~ 

Live start

Keep a distance and watch fireworks

The bleachers are arranged at a certain distance so that you can enjoy the fireworks safely and securely.

With Mask

While watching the fireworks, wear a mask and enjoy yourself.
Also, please refrain from making loud noises.

Launch end / exit

Firmly Comply to the very end.

We will increase the number of exits and guide you to each block of the bleachers.
* Since the information is provided for each line, the time may change slightly even within the block.

■ Estimated exit time for each block

Rotterdam venue

Live S seats, S seats, Kotatsu seats / 24: 20 ~ 
Live A seat / A seat / 24: 45 ~ 
Live B seats / B seats / around 25: 20 ~ 

Watermark Hotel Front Venue

SS seats, S seats, A seats / 24: 20 ~ 
Arena seats, camera seats / around 24: 30 ~ 

Exit completed

■ Exit completion time

Rotterdam venue / around 25:50 
Venue in front of Watermark Hotel / Around 24:40 

Huis Ten Bosch will hold this event after consulting with the prefecture in advance when holding a nationwide or large-scale event.

Infection Control Checklist (PDF)

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