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Parking information

We will thoroughly implement epidemic prevention measures on the day as well.

  • Fireworks bleachers will be set up at intervals to protect the social distance.
  • In order to avoid crowding after the fireworks, we will restrict the exit of the special viewing area.
  • We will increase the number of fireworks that rise high up so that you can see them from various places in the park.


Special seats and romantic
Have a moment

Powerful fireworks
Enjoy at the fireworks bleachers!

Delivering a special time to see the fireworks launching in the night sky up close! You can sit in a chair and enjoy the fireworks slowly without taking up space ♪

Viewing place: Watermark Hotel I-18

Opening time / 19:00

・ All chairs are designated. Seats cannot be selected as they will be automatically assigned in the order of purchase.
・ Paid for 4 years and older. If you are under 4 years old and need a seat, you will be charged. (Free viewing on the knees)
・ Please note that you cannot cancel or change your purchase.
・ Tickets must be issued at convenience stores for the fireworks bleachers.
・ A separate Huis Ten Bosch Park Ticket or harbor zone admission fee of 2,000 yen (flat rate) is required.

Price /1,000 yen


Special bleachers map

With fireworks special bleachers
Accommodation plans too!

Staying at Huis Ten Bosch 5 Hotel makes it easy to return home! You can spend a luxurious time while immersing yourself in the afterglow of fireworks ♪

The finest hotel stays will be 
an irreplaceable memory

Hotel Europe


25,000 yen to 37,600 yen
* 1 room for 2 people per person * Stay without meals

Feeling like staying in a villa in the suburbs of Europe
Forest and lake Cottages

Forest Villa


11,500 yen-22,900 yen
* 4 people per room per person * Stay without meals

Healed by the ocean view
A resort hotel on the beach

Watermark Hotel


21,600 ~ 33,600 yen
* 1 room for 2 people, price per person * Breakfast included

A hotel where you can feel the exciting performance of robots and 
the comfort of modern Japanese guest rooms

Henn Na Hotel


8,300 yen-14,900 yen
* 1 room for 2 people per person * Stay without meals

Enjoy a higher grade luxury

Take fireworks viewing cruise and enjoy from the ship!

Spend an extraordinary time enjoying a cruise with a gorgeous dinner. The Christmas fireworks seen from the ship will be a memorable memory.

Meeting place / Harbor Town Marine Terminal I-5

Sold out due to popularity

About Christmas fireworks

I booked an accommodation plan with fireworks bleachers. Is it possible to see children who sleeping together at the fireworks bleachers?
[Hotel Europe, Hotel Amsterdam, Forest Villa, Henn Na Hotel Huis Ten Bosch] If guests book an accommodation plan with fireworks viewing seat, children over 4 years old can also enjoy the fireworks viewing seat. (Children under 3 years old are kindly requested to view on your lap.)
[Watermark Hotel Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch, Hotel Okura JR Huis Ten Bosch, Hotel Nikko Huis Ten Bosch]
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact your hotel.
Can I see it at the fireworks bleachers even if it rains?
Unless it is a typhoon like strong wind or heavy rain, the event will be held even in rainy weather.
If it rains, can I use an umbrella or other rain gear?
Please refrain from using an umbrella inside the fireworks bleachers venue as it will obstruct the view behind you. Please bring raincoats and other rain gear.
Can I bring my pet to the fireworks bleachers?
花火観覧会場内へペット同伴で入場することはできません。 ハウステンボス入口付近にペットホテル「DOG BOX」がございます。お気軽にお問い合わせください。(有料、お預かりできる頭数には限りがございます。)
DOG BOXハウステンボス店 TEL:0956-27-0287
Is it possible to eat and drink at the fireworks bleachers? Do you sell it?
There is no food or drink sold at the fireworks bleachers. Food and drinks can only be brought in if purchased at the park.
Can I go to the fireworks bleachers in a wheelchair? Do you have a dedicated seat?
There is no dedicated area, but you can enter with a wheelchair. Please feel free to ask the staff on the day.
Is it possible to bring a baby stroller in the fireworks bleachers?
You can bring it in. Please feel free to ask the staff on the day.
Can I re-enter the fireworks bleachers?
You can enter and leave Huis Ten Bosch area after opening. Please bring your fireworks special bleachers ticket on the day so that you do not lose it.
Is there a first aid room or nursing room at the fireworks bleachers?
There is no first aid room or nursing room in the fireworks bleachers. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please use the nursing room near there.
Click here for more information about the nursing room
Is there a toilet at the fireworks bleachers?
There are existing toilets inside and outside the fireworks bleachers.
Next to I-12 ONE PIECE Memorial Photo Booth next to I-4 Rainbow Water, etc.
Is there a smoking area at the fireworks bleachers?
The smorking area is not the fireworks bleachers, but Please use the smoking area next to the Castelo de Seafood and Porcelain.
I would like to take pictures using a tripod. Is it possible to bring it in?
You can bring it in. Please use at a height that does not obstruct the passage or visibility of other guests.
Can I post the photos and videos I took on SNS and blogs?
If you want to take for commercial purposes, you need permission from Huis Ten Bosch.
When can I receive a ticket for the guest fireworks special bleachers?
On the day of check-in, you will be given a ticket with the chair seat number at your hotel.
Is there a room where I can see fireworks at the Official hotels?
[Hotel Europe, Hotel Amsterdam]
There are some rooms where you can see the fireworks. (Some fireworks, such as gimmick fireworks, cannot be seen.) Also, you cannot hear music. Please contact the General Reservation Center (0570-064-300) for details.
[Forest Villa, Henn Na Hotel Huis Ten Bosch]
You cannot see the fireworks from your room.

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