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Feel the happiest moment in the happiest time of the year.

Melody of Christmas

Amazing authentic New York gospel music echoing in the backdrop of a majestic chapel. The singing voice is overlaid with a spectacular light and video show, leading to the ultimate climax where the stage and audience become together. This winter, Huis Ten Bosch present you an unforgettable and exciting Christmas show. 

There are pyro special effects and snow falling during the show, and you will be surrounded by an overwhelming sense of happiness along with the European Cityscape.

A canal surroundedby beautiful cityscapebecomes the stage forunforgettable memories

Canal Ice Skating

Starts on 12/1 (Friday)

As you glide along the canal under the clear winter sky while admiring the European cityscape, you will be filled with a deep sense of freedom. At night, the place is illuminated with fantastic lights, and if you relax at the cafe next to the rink, you will feel as if you are truly in a city of Europe.

We also have auxiliary equipment for children, so the whole family can enjoy skating with peace of mind.

Get excited aboutbeing in Authentic European Christmas

Christmas Town

Christmas Market opens in the plaza where Japan's first three-story merry-go-round shines. Exciting stage shows, stylish Christmas gourmet food, and a variety of attractive European miscellaneous goods... Enjoy the authentic European Christmas that can only be experienced in this city, while you are in Japan.

This year, there will be carnival games that even young children can enjoy. Santa's greetings are also very popular.

World's largest,13 million shining balls


The world's largest illumination display with an overwhelming 13 million lights. Walking through the vast aurora garden of light, you will feel as if you are surrounded by a universe of light. You can find light- entertainment all over the city, including Umbrella Street with 700 shining umbrellas and Japan's longest, lights and music fountain show.

Make it more colorful


From casual meals to full-fledged dinners, enjoy this season's exquisite menu.


New stuffed animals and other Christmas limited goods available

Photo spot

The bright red poinsettia tree made of  fresh flowers is a sight to behold. Please take a photo


Views of European cityscapes from the window, live music in the lobby, authentic restaurants overlooking the canal, and pleasant early morning walks. Please spend a luxurious time that can only be appreciated by the guests who stay our Official Hotels located in the park.

Hotel Europe

The highest quality premium hotel in the park. We promise you a special Christmas stay filled with exceptional atmosphere. You can also experience special check-in on a cruiser exclusively for the  guests in Hotel Europe.

Hotel Amsterdam

Located in the center of the town, convenient to go anywhere in the park. All rooms are over 45㎡, spacious enough for the whole family to stay together. One of the features staying in this hotel is illumination view from room window in park-side rooms.

Forest Villa

Two-story Cottages surrounded by trees and bushes, and  a pond nearby.  With a living room on the 1st floor and 2 separate bedrooms on the 2nd floor, the cottage offers you a comfortable stay.

Hotel Den Haag
(Watermark Hotel Nagasaki)

A resort hotel located in the quiet oceanfront area.  Relax in a modern European-style room with a choice of ocean, forest, or park sides views.

Hotel Rotterdam
(Henn Na Hotel)

A stylish, smart and casual hotel where you can experience the modern and colorful sensibilities of Rotterdam.

*From October 26th, "Watermark Hotel Nagasaki" and "Henn Na Hotel Huis Ten Bosch" will change their names.
*All published images are images.