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Fireworks light up the sky!
 Spectacular climax scene

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Photo: Toshio Kanno

A dream co-star where Japan's leading pyrotechnicians andAmerican pyrotechnicians gather!

Japanese fireworks that won the Prime Minister's Award, the highest honor in the fireworks industry, and American fireworks that have a sense of scale from overseas will color the autumn night sky.

One shaku ball competition

Issyakudama * fireworks roaring in the night sky with the thought of 30 famous Japanese fireworks companies in the world!

*Issyakudama = A firework with a diameter of 30cm, a weight of about 8.5kg, and a diameter of about 280m to 320m at 330m above the sky.

Big Star Mine

The climax of the 10th largest Kyushu Fireworks Festival will be 5,000 star mines in 5 minutes! The sight of the 1km-wide volcano rising up is a sight to behold!

A lot of impressed voices last year too!

A rare sight to see ✨ Thank you very much

It was really nice. Especially the finale was a masterpiece, and tears came out. Thank you for the wonderful time.

It was really too nice. Finale, tears came out and it was hard. Thank you for the great Fireworks Festival.

It was the best fireworks I've ever seen!

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